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Nov 17, 2006 07:24 PM

The Food at Douglaston Manor

Hi! I'm plannning a wedding and have been to about every reception hall in the 5 boroughs. The one I liked the most was Douglaston Manor in Douglaston, Queens. It was a quaint old spanish styled villa. I have a tasting there next week but Im so scared to get excited because the food is everything at a reception. Has anyone been to or have a friend thats been to a wedding there that can tell me about the food?? Thanks a bunch. ~Laura

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  1. The food is all right for Queens. Try Lenoards of Great Neck on Northern Blvd. If you have the $$$$$ try Russo's in Howard Beach, Queens or the El Caribe in Mill Basin ,Brooklyn. 3 thing when planing a wedding that people are going to remember Food , Service, and the Music