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Nov 17, 2006 07:22 PM

Looking for Apricot Wine or a nice Bartlett Pear Wine

There was once a small winery in Chatham that made incredible Apricot Wine that was perfect with cheese and crackers for a light dessert. Since they closed down I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. Does anyone know of a source? Alternatively, a light pear wine would be a good substitute.

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  1. Bargetto winery out of Santa Cruz area used to do some lovely fruit wines - haven't had any in a while, but worth checking out.

    1. Archibald Orchards makes an apricot/apple wine. The apple/peach is a bit sweeter and might be more what you are looking for.

      1. Not something you'll find everywhere but worth seeking out: poiré, pear cider from Normandy.

        1. I'll be the first one to ask ... so, where on this earth is Chatham ?

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              Chatham is a town on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The winery was tiny but they did some truly wonderful fruit wines and had won some recognition for them. One touristy thing they did was to sell a cranberry/apple wine in a bottle shaped like a lobster.

            2. Have you ever tried Passito di Pantelleria?
              It's very apricot-y. Beautiful. It's made by
              drying Zibbobo grapes (like Moscato) and then
              making wine out of the "raisins." Try it.

              There are several good ones at different prices.
              The one I recall off the top of my head is Ben Rye
              (pronounced ree-EYE) from the Donnafugata winery.

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                Great stuff, as it ought to be at >$25 a tenth.