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Does anyone know if it opens today? CAN'T FIND A PHONE NUMBER. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I tried to peek through the paper on the window last night - and it didn't seem like it was fully finished. Hard to see though since there was no light source inside.

    1. Where on Sawtelle? I live in the area and hadn't seen anything. Let me know where it is!! It would be great to have it here... along with Beard Papa's, Sawtelle is becoming the best little strip of eating in West LA!

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        It will be in the Olympic Collection, replacing the cafe that was once called CJs and then called Circles.

      2. Just passed by and asked the people setting up some tables inside when they are planning on opening- they said next week...

        1. so, is it open? I have yet to taste the reputed sweet nectar and want to see what the fuss is about...

          1. All of a sudden I am feeling very blessed. Pinkberry's 1 mile away from the office and another 1 mile away from home :)

            1. What is all the fuss? What is a Pinkberry?

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                Pinkberry is this vile "yogurt tasting" frozen yogurt topped with insanely overpriced fruit. A small cup with some toppings can cost as much as a moderately priced lunch.

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                  hehehehe. I looked at their website and was immediately taken back in time to ca. 1988 when frozen yogurt shops proliferated as much as today's Starbucks. I was younger then and couldn't afford this "luxury" item. Baskin-n-Robbins was great, thank you! Is pinkberry just capitalizing on a retro yogurt comeback? Or is there something genuinely novelthat I am missing? Oh... and where is the location?

                2. I walked by the store after lunch at Kiriko. Some people were trying to go in, but they were stopped by a worker who said they were not open yet, but might open later in the day. It looks ready to go.

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                      Yup. Opened up at night. There was no line, just a few people who seemed to be anxiously awaiting this opening. I had a small plain, no toppings. Tasted just the same as Pinkberry elsewhere.

                    2. ive heard about pinkberry can someone tell me what is the difference between nonfat yogurt and non fat soft serve ice cream? I have been going to carvel ice cream on santa monica blvd and sepulveda in west la and having nonfat soft serve vanilla and chocolate. It is really good. I would like to try this pinkberry to taste the difference. Where are the locations in los angeles?

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                        I went tonight and popped my pinkberry "cherry"....I REALLY liked it. Had a great plain with strawberry and mango...really good. The yogurt tastes like plain yogurt, but frozen instead of a soft serve, which is much sweeter. with the fruit it tastes good.

                        Its not as expensive as I thought. Small was 2.50 and 95 cents for each topping. total came to like $4.50. Not earth shattering and it was a decent sized portion.

                      2. TRUTH: The National Yogurt Association has been urging the FDA not to allow products that do not contain live and active cultures to be called “yogurt.” Pinkberry uses powder mix. That means no live and active cultures. The only health benefits are the berries and the fruit toppings.:(

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                          I make my own yogurt regularly, so I would be not happy with a powder, but several reputable dietary supplement companies sell probiotic powdered formulas and dry pills. If stinkberry is doing the right thing with the right powder, it doesn't mean that you won't get the benefits. Not trying to defend PB, and I certainly would like real yogurt, but you can get benefits from powdered fermented milk products, if they're properly composed.

                          btw, I love pinkberry at least for giving me the idea to try and spread my thickened top cream yogurt out in a sheetpan and set it in the freezer... occasionally reaching in to scrape the mess with a large tined fork. It appparently is the bright, fresh lactic acidity and crunchy ice crystals that define PB. I think thats not a tall order. Creamy is more difficult.