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Nov 17, 2006 07:10 PM

La Fontanella in Stamford, CT

I'd appreciate any thoughts on La Fontanella or other Italian restaurants you'd recommend in Stamford, CT for a combination of food and atmosphere.


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  1. wow, it's been a good 4 years since I went to La Fontenella. I remember it being pretty good. I think a better bet, though, would be either Sienna or Columbus Park Trattoria. On a cold night, the duck ragu with pappardelle noodles at Sienna is really good...

    1. Sienna & Columbus Park Trattoria are the best IMO

      1. La Fontenella is decent, but as pp I would go to CP or Siena. Quattro Pazzi is really good also.

        1. Yes, La Fontanella is good, but the best in Stamford is Mona Lisa, IMHO.

          1. La Fontanella is worthwhile primarily if you want to avoid the trip and parking hassle of going downtown. It's pretty, but it's location in a little strip center oh High Ridge Road, while convenient, does make an evening there seem a little, um, pedestrian, considering you're shelling out that much money for dinner. I'll second Columbus Park, consistently excellent for years and years.

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              Mmm Columbus Park - capellini in meat sauce!!!