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Nov 17, 2006 07:03 PM

toronto nibbles for visitors

Hi, we have some visitors coming to the Scarborough university campus next week. Wanted to give them brunch, plus some idea of Toronto's food and cultural diversity. One idea was to take them browsing and grazing through T&T or Pacific Mall. Does anyone know if they will have stuff to eat around noon in the food courts? Any other ideas? We'll be driving, but it will be helpful to stay roughly in that area. They are going to be downtown during the rest of their stay.

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  1. Can't help you with the scarborough area, but from that campus they could take the U of T shuttle down to the University ave campus and then explore Baldwin street (2 blocks SW of University and College).It is a delightful assortment of cuisines, they could wander and chose restaurant of interest. Most are safe choices!

    1. I have been to the food court in Pacific Mall and the food court in the next building many times for lunch. They will definitely be open at noon. Yum.

      1. I went to U of T Scarborough. It is not really brunch, but one of the staples for students was Federicks, and Indian-Chinese restaurant at Ellesmere and Bellamy.

        The atmosphere is non-existent, but the food is cheap and decent, so it is perfect for students. I haven't been back in years, so perhaps someone else can weigh in as to the quality now..

        1. are you looking specifically for chinese food? An unusual and tasty place in Scarborough is
          The Buddhist Vegetarian Kitchen
          3290 Midland Scarborough, ON M1V 3Z9

          Get the gluten 'dim sum' and the panfried bean curd skins

          1. If you are going to Pacific Mall, there are 2 things you can try in the food court in the "village" upstairs. (There are 2 food courts upstairs. I am referring to the one at the end of the series of shops, not the one by the escalators.)

            There is one stand that sells hand made noodles & shaved noodles. They make the noodles to order, so it's pretty fun to watch. The have interesting pan fried dumplings too. Not the best in town, but many people like it.

            There is also one stand that sells shark's fin soup. For $20, you can have a meal with shark's fin in soup, chinese bbq with rice, american ginseng chicken soup and dessert. The steamed egg with shark's fin is also very good. If you want, you can also have braised abalone. Hard to find other places where you can get these type of banquet dishes in a food court.

            Another place to try, although not sure if they are open for lunch, is mongolian bbq. It is in the market village mall outside of pacific mall.

            If you are going to T&T (assuming you are referring to the one at Warden & Steeles), you can try Keung's congee in the oustide plaza. If they like spicy food, there is also a place at Metro Square. (Chinese is called "half acre garden".)

            Lots of choices around there really.