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Friday Dinner in SF Chinatown and Sat Breakfast near Union Square

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We're looking for a great restaurant in S.F. Chinatown where we could get in tonight without reservations (or with last-minute reservations). Also, any suggestions for breakfast near Union Square Saturday morning? My husband and I have the chance to leave the kids at home and spend the night in S.F. tonight, and want to make the most of it!

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  1. If you're an early bird, I highly recommend Dottie's True Blue for breakfast. I say early because by 8 a.m. there's a line out the door. I've had everything from oatmeal (made while you wait) to their special fritattas. Everything they serve is quite fresh and tasty. Now it's in a dicey neighborhood but early in the morning, I've never had any problem. They are located at 522 Jones St. My husband and I usually sit at the counter so we can chat with the owner. Enjoy

    1. Cafe de la Presse-Breakfast
      352 Grant Ave

      Dinner ideas
      550 Geary Street
      244 Jackson St.

      Jeanty at Jack's
      615 Sacramento St.

      One Market
      Same address as name

      1. Maybe Cafe de la Presse does b'fast better than lunch but I wouldn't recommend it. My BF and I went for lunch a few weeks ago and it was so blah! None of the veggies were fresh and when you order a salad that's a real disappointment.

        I would second the Dottie's recommendation and also suggest Canteen, especially if you do get up early. Easy walk from Union Sq.

        However, my fave Saturday morning breakfast plan is to walk to the Ferry Bldg Farmer's market and get a good muffin from the Downtown Bakery stand and a coffee from Blue Bottle (or Pete's if the BB line is too long). The FB is really only a 15-20 min walk from Union sq. This is only fun if the weather is good though....


        1. For Chinatwon dinner...
          R&G Lounge
          Great Eastern

          For breakfast...

          1. One more Canteen recommendation from me...

            1. Thank you, all of you for your suggestions. We ended up going to R&G Lounge, and really enjoyed the salt & peper deep-fried crab. Special Beef dish was good, but nothing special. Without the referrals from Chow Hound we probably wouldn't have gone in here (looked too much like a trendy bar from street level), so it was good to get stretched to try something new. Got a big kick out of the decor -- things like a statue of a Scottie dressed in a Burberry (sp?) scarf. For breakfast we ended up at Cafe de la Presse (around the corner from our hotel). My Norwegian Eggs Benedict were excellent, but my husband described his egg & sausage croissant as "kind of blah."