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I need MEAT for a MAN for a Christmas present! (Kansas City)

I'm looking for a manly Christmas present for my FIL and I was thinking some kind of cured/ smoked meats (I don't really want to say charcuterie, because he's not that fancy)!! I was originally thinking of getting him the bison sausage sampler from McGonigle's, but think he would like something better than he doesn't have to cook. I'm considering getting the Sportsman Pack with salami, summer sausage, and beef jerky from Fritz's, but have never tried anything from there. Can anyone speak to the quality of Fritz's or recommend another place to get good smoked/ cured meat products?

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  1. I would try

    Werner's Specialty Foods Ltd.
    5736 Johnson Dr
    Mission, KS 66202

    (913) 362-5955

    But I have had stuff from Fritzs and it is pretty good too.

      1. I've never been unhappy with anything I've gotten or sent from the Amana Meat Shop:


        The quoted price includes shipping!

        1. If you are looking for Smoked Meat, It absolutely "MUST" come from Montreal... I'll give you some info to inquire. If they'll ship it to you, you'll not be sorry! Don't tell your friends you have Mtl smoked meat in your house... they won't leave 'till it's gone.
          Les Viandes Fummee de Quebec (Quebec Smoke Meat)
          1889 Centre st.

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            Update... If you can find a Lesters Dist.'r, They have great smoked meat also.


            These guys ship anywhwere! If you havn't tried Montreal style smoked meat... then you just havn't had smoked meat yet.


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              can you import meat from Montreal? I tried to buy some summer sausage a few years ago and got a nasty letter from Customs saying it was a no-go.

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                Not sure anymore. That Mad Cow thing ya know. I'm in transportation so I'll get back with more info... I'll ask some our drivers and see if they are still loosing their meat products. Give me a day or two. Mean while,here is Lesters website... www.lesters.ca Try contacting them and ask, Never Know! They do have a toll-free number posted.

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                  I appreciate the responses, but I think I'm going to go local this year. When we came back from Vancouver in September, we got our beef jerky confiscated and were told that no meat products can cross the border, even if they are vacuum-packed.

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                    Are you looking for smoked meat local to the Kansas City area or can it be mail order? If it's mail order, I'd say take this to general topics, you'll get more responses.

                    If you're in/around the midwest, go the www.stoysich.com, it's in Omaha and is the best beef jerky I've ever had. Sausages are amazing too.

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                      If you'll read my last response, yes, I'm looking for local. Looks like I have a couple of options so far!

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                      I heard from "LESTERS" meats... They can only ship to US for retail sales. Minimum 1,000lbs. I'm guessing you're not that hungry.

                      Another way would be to find US customs broker and get the required permit.

                      Personally, I'd do it, but that's me. Good news is I can get the stuff, Hot or Cold in a matter of minutes.

              2. Hi Katie, We send stuff back to relatives in KC from these guys
                here in Southern Oregon.

                1. Katie

                  No need to look all over the counrty for smokes meats, just go to Kurzweil's Country Meats in Lee's Summitt. They have some of the best meat you can find anywhere. Never had a bad piece of meat from them.


                  1. I second Bacon of the Month Club. I received a year's sub for Christmas last year and everything they sent was absolutely terrific. You also receive a t-shirt with a "slice" of bacon in the pocket, a pig-topped pen and certificate. I can only hope my subscription gets renewed.

                    Also, check out Zingerman's www.zingermans.com

                    They offer some interesting (and expensive) meat-centric gift baskets.

                    1. I gave my husband Meat of the Month Club from Stockyards.com one year and last year, Sausage of the Month Club from fortunasausage.com. I have never seen people go so crazy for sausage as they did for these! I don't eat sausage, so I can't comment, but my husband and friends RAVED about these, not so much the Meat of the Month Club choices.

                      Given the popularity of these gift choices, I too am looking at Bacon of the Month Club for this year's gift giving.

                      BTW - Fortuna is not cheap!!

                      1. Hi Katie

                        We always get meat from Rancher's Gourmet. Their new location is open at 135th & Metcalf. I recently ordered 2 boxes of quail for a dinner party and it was incredible - way better than that buckshot-ridden meat my husband brings home every fall.

                        1. KatieNell-- try amysmeats.com she's LOCAL, the cows/pigs are LOCAL- and like she says "trust the people you buy from"...she also has a CSA so the gift could keep on giving for a while.