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Nov 17, 2006 05:36 PM

bad time at hungry cat

I ate at the hungry cat last night. had a cocktail(Persimmon Margherita)-very good- clam chowder- also very good- calamari stuffed with chorizo- inedible- bad smell-rubber like texture- also I expected Spanish chorizo not Mexican chorizo, A truly horrible dish.

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  1. I ate there too last night. I had a wonderful experience, as always. I ordered the Mia Farrow special cocktail, the garden salad, and the special chile relleno.

    You should have returned the calamari. That is the type of restaurant that takes pride in their food and I'm sure that they would have wanted you to leave happy (I used to work in restaurants and always prefered being told about the problem so that I got the opportunity to fix it as opposed to people just accepting a "bad" experience.)

    1. I've ordered the calamari dish several times and always loved it. It was never rubbery or off-smelling and the chorizo stuffing was delish! It came with shellbeans and cherry tomatoes in a tasty broth when I had it over the summer. Maybe you hit an off night, but couldn't disagree with you more about the dish in general.

      1. I had lunch at the Hungry Cat a few days ago for the first time and I really enjoyed it too. I had the open face crab cake BLT sandwich and it was really delicious. I would definately go again.

        1. I ate there once, and had the lobster roll which we made the mistake of splitting. There was two of us, and we literally got two bites each. The oysters were delicious, but with those two items and two glasses of wine, our bill left us feeling like we got ripped off. It's got this casual atmosphere and gourmet pub food, but the prices are that of Grace. Makes no sense to me.