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Nov 17, 2006 05:27 PM

cleaning a wood cutting board after making bread

I have my first loaf of bread ever in the oven (the Lahey-Bittman No Knead, of course). Now I have a gunky, floury wood cutting board. What's the best way to clean and store, so the wood doesn't split?

Also, what about the poor towel that has half the dough still stuck to it?

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  1. I like to use a stiff bench knife to clean a gummy cutting board. You can make a board cleaner with the stiff plastic of a 5 gallon bucket, or they are available at most markets.

    The cloth is best cleaned in hot soapy water(bleach if needed)with other kitchen towels.

    1. I was worried about laundering my towel too, all covered in dried dough and looking rather gross. I figured, eh, what the hell, and threw it into the washer on hot with some other stuff I didn't care too much about (just in case). Everything came out fine, clean, and doughy-bits free. I was happily surprised.

      1. Scrape it with a bench knife, then scrub with hot, soapy water and a stiff plastic brush.

        1. I used a Silpat Mat instead of the towel, making both placement of the dough in the pot and cleanup a snap. And I covered the dough (for 2nd rise) with a loose layer of plastic wrap, then a towel.


          1. Air drying is probably best for both. Let the board get good and dry, and the remaining dough should scrape off easily. For the towel, I'd let that dry as well, and then take it outside and flap it. That should get most of the bigger stuff off.

            For the future, prevention is best. Flour the board better, and the towel.