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Nov 17, 2006 04:59 PM

Javits Center restaurants (hah!)

I need to plan a larger group dinner (15 or so people) near a conference at the Javits Center. Any suggestions for something good -- and not too ultra-spendy -- between Javits and the Theatre District? I probably want to avoid the TD proper.

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  1. Go to Ninth Avenue...the Red Cat is good, bet. 23 and 24th.

    1. Daisy Mays BBQ, 11th ave and 46th street..if you are a meat lover.

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      1. re: HLing

        I thought Daisy May's didn't have seating -- was I mistaken?

        1. re: vanguard404

          That was originally the case; however, they have expanded and now have a dining room with cafeteria-style service.

      2. Try Trattoria Pesce Pasta on Ninth Ave between 39th and 40th.