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Where to stay and eat off of 87.

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We're traveling up 87 to stop at a relative's, then on to Montreal.
We'll be staying a night in NY. Do you know of any good places to stay that also have good dinner/breakfast?

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  1. I'd recommend Schroon Lake...several chow-worthy places, including Pitkin's (great ribs, banana cream pie, good breakfast), the Timber Wolf (amazing wings, fun atmosphere), and plenty of B&B's to get an early start. Montreal is about 2 - 2 1/2 hours away!

    1. From a mileage perspective about where do you want to stay?

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        Hi Swarttav....due to the time element, probably not more than 10-20 miles off-highway

      2. Friends Lake Inn.

        Dinner w/ award-winning wine list, and breakfast too.

        Let us know what you do!

        1. Fairfield and NYchow--thank you. Breakfast and banana cream pie are too of my favorite hobbies. I have homework to do now. Thanks!

          1. I would suggest staying in Saratoga Springs. Exits 13-15 off of I-87 (I think about 180 miles south of Montreal). You can get a great dinner at Chez Sophie Bistro and breakfast at the County Corner Cafe. Both restaurants are in the middle of town, which is worth exploring.

            1. Chez Sophie is expensive, but a wonderful meal will be had...a great wine & beer list, too. I love Saratoga Springs...walk around. Chez Sophie now that it is in the Saratoga Hotel also serves breakfast....but I am sure that the breakfast restaurant that's on west side of broadway just North of the top of Caroline St is good and is way cheaper!