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Spicy and Tasty for one

I'm getting ready to to to S&T the first time but will be going alone. Thoughts on what to get if I'm just getting one main dish and maybe 2 appetizers...? (I guess I could get 2 mains and take the rest home...)

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  1. Cold chlli noodles are a must or rabbit tenders in the red chilli.

    1. What about essential main dishes?

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        In something like 40-50 trips, I've never had anything at Spicy and Tasty that I didn't like, so you really can't go wrong. What you'd consider essential depends on your taste - whether you prefer chicken, squid, lamb, pork belly, fish, beef, etc., etc., etc. I'll give you two recommendations off the top of my head, though: Mild Spicy Chicken, and Pork Belly with Leeks. I can't eat the pork belly (too fatty!), but it sure is tasty!

        For cold dishes, I agree with the chili noodles, and I'd add the Eggplant with Garlic Sauce and the bamboo shoots (and several other things, but you won't be able to eat them all by yourself).

      2. If you like lamb have the Lamb with Chilli. Very tender and so very good.

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          I'm looking at their menu, after an amazing first trip there last night--do you mean Lamb with Red Chili Sauce or Lamb with Chili Pepper? If you mean the one with sauce, can you describe the sauce more?

          I can't wait to go back!

        2. I had the Lamb with Chili Pepper (sorry, no sauce). It was so very good and tender. A large portion. I've never seen Lamb on a Chinese Menu. It did not have a strong lamb taste. Was slightly pink inside. Not overcooked. I had it just twice but plan to return next week and will order it again. I usually go for late lunch and generally have the place to myself. If you ever go for lunch don't order the inexpensive lunch specials ($5.50). Not very good. Spend a little more and order from the main menu.

          1. I love the water-cooked dishes. In English, they're described as "in fresh hot pepper". Unless they pull their punches (which they probably will) it's dynamite hot.

            I have a Spicy & Tasty question too. Years ago most Chinese in New York preferred to eat in Chinese restos serving food from their region. (This is far less true today, especially in Flushing.) Back in the early 90s, that great Sichuan restaurant Golden Monkey was always empty, because NY had almost no immigrants from Sichuan. So the question, the people who fill Spicy & Tasty and also Little Pepper night after night... do most of them come from Sichuan?

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                I usually don't eat 'em but from what I have heard there are several great places to get them in Flushing. Check these out:



              2. I had lunch at S and T (alone) for the first time last week. I didn't see any lunch specials -- the menu had a few appetizers and noodle dishes/soups, and then about 30 entrees that were 3 for $19.50. I resisted temptation and ordered a single entree for $7.25 or so. I had the shredded pork with green hot peppers. It was delicious and just the right amount of spice (head sweating, but no need for a towel). It came with a bowl of soup and some rice. I was also thinking of the eggplant with garlic sauce, and now I'm definitely going back for lamb!

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                  "I had lunch at S and T (alone) for the first time last week. I didn't see any lunch specials -- the menu had a few appetizers and noodle dishes/soups, and then about 30 entrees that were 3 for $19.50."

                  Almost all the entrees on S&T's menu are under $10. I count over 30. In addition S&T does indeed offer lunch specials - again there are over 30 and almost all of them are under $6.00 served M-F from 11:00AM to 4:00PM.

                  Their menu -

                  I'm glad you enjoyed your meal there. I think that no other restaurant in New York offers a more diverse array of high quality dishes at a more attractive price. (Well, maybe Little Pepper. I need to get back there soon.)

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                    This is really strange. I didn't see that menu anywhere, just the one I described. However, looking at the link, I now need to make about a dozen more trips just to sample everything that caught my eye on a quick look.



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                      I had real sympathy for you when I read your initial post. Most of my trips to S&T have been solo affairs and it's hard to decide what to order when you are limited to a dish or two. Over time you'll decide what you like best and have a great time doing it.

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                        I wonder if I somehow went to the wrong place. I thought it said S and T on the front. Does the menu I describe sound familiar?

                        Either way, I'm going to have to spend a bit more time wandering around Flushing. I can think of a lot worse places to do my lunchtime wandering.

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                          You might have gone into the place next door. I've always seen the menu that I posted a link to. I envy you that you can eat in Flushing at lunchtime.

                          Little Pepper is another place that serves excellent Szechuan food.

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                            You might have gone to King 5 Noodle, which has the same address as Spicy and Tasty, 39-07 Prince. Their menu is as you describe, and it does feature shredded pork with green hot peppers. If it made you sweat, it sounds like it's worth a try!

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                              It sounds like you guys are right. King 5 Noodle was very good, and it's always a good sign when you are the only non-Asian in the restaurant. I will definitely go back soon and find the real S and T. This is the beauty of Flushing -- even when you eat in the wrong place, it's still a great experience (and better than a lot of other places).

                              BTW, it's not that easy for me to go to Flushing, but I commute on the LIRR on the same line, so it is easy to get off the train, eat, and then take another train (lunch works on those rare days when I have to go home early, but then I always make it a point to stop by Flushing).

                              Thanks for the help.


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                                By the way I'm a bit wary of cheap lunch specials. I haven't eaten a lunch offering in Chinatown since the day about 8 years ago when I had one in my then favorite restaurant. The dish I ordered was, when you got it full price at dinner, served carefully prepared, each ingredient cooked separately, but the lunch special was cooked all together, and was a big glop. I told the waiter, and he said, what can you expect? If you pay $4 at lunch you don't get the same labor as when you pay $10 at dinner.

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                                  To find Spicy & Tasty, look for the restaurant that has a bunch of cold dishes near the door in glass cases, with the cold dish chef probably manning that station. Also, there is some nice decor inside, behind glass on the wall.

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                        I've had the eggplant with garlic sauce. It's TERRIFIC! But I could say the same about many of the other dishes. That lamb with scallions is another great dish.