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Nov 17, 2006 03:41 PM

Grey le cruset sent back to Mfg.

Bought a 7.5 qt LC at the Tuesday Morning sale ($149.00) - love it and cooked using it for 5 nights strait. When washing up I noticed a small black dot in the middle of the pot - additional inspection turned up 7 more small dots around the pot. - called LC customer service and was told that the Grey colored pots were made specifically for the Tuesday Morning sale only - They are replacing the unit(I chose a Red Color)However - I had to pay $23.00 in UPS charges to get the pot back to them. - Now the price is up to $172.00
-not such a great deal, and I have to wait 3 or 4 weeks to get back the Pot (will miss t'giving for sure)- I'm going to check out Staub in the future(ps-Tuesday Morning would have given back the purchase prie,I probably should hace taken the money and immediately gone out to buy a Pot at Penny's or somesuch place!)--if you have a grey pot,chech it out VERY carefully!!

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  1. Were those dots huring anything?? Did they affect the way the pot cooked? If not, why bother to go to all that trouble and pay the money? I've purchased several LC with "flaws" at reduced prices. They are a number of years old now, still cook great and I probably couldn't even find the flaw if I wanted to.

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      If the "dots" represented a lack of enamel, I'd return it as well - impressed to hear that LC took it back - interesting that they make specifically for Tuesday Morning as opposed to the pots being seconds that ended up there.

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        There were 8 or more Dots-Dots appeard ro be places where the enamel did'nt adhere properly - Dots could chip or cause other unforseen problems - I dont like "flaws" in my cooking pots, I simply want to get exactly what I paid for!! The reason for the post was to inform other chowhounds of the problem so if they had similiar problems, they would get what they paid for also.

      2. I have a 5 qt. Staub that I bought from and it's wonderful. To me they're the same as LeCrueset, but much less expensive.