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Nov 17, 2006 03:37 PM

Dim Sum in Alhambra?

Is there a stretch of avenue/road/street that has a lot of dim sum in Alhambra? Doing a big walk on Sunday from Pasadena and we're looking to get some good dim sum, but would like to have a few choices if possible. I am not at all familiar with the area (except where Z's sushi is), so the more specific, the better.


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  1. Atlantic Blvd has a few Dim Sum restaurants. Starting from the 10 fwy going south, the first one you hit will be Ocean Star (145 S Atlantic), the next one will be NBC Seafood (404 S Atlantic) and the last one will New Concept (700 S Atlantic).

    You can probably search for boards on each of those places...I goto NBC regularly and it's great. New Concept is great too, but the wait can be crazy, it's a lot smaller. Good Luck

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    1. re: puppychao

      Sorry, but that stretch of Atlantic is NOT Alhambra. Essentially, all points south of the 10 FWY underpass is Monterey Park.

      Best bet for Dim Sum in Alhambra is Triumphal Palace on Main Street (next to the Edwards Theatre), but there really isn't a stretch where it's dim sum row.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Great, thanks. I just heard of that place from a co-worker. Will definitely check out.


    2. Triumphal Palace in Alhambra is good. All the standards are good and try their house specialty crispy chicken wings -- very addictive.

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        Triumphal Palace's barbecued duck is one of the best I've had--very addictive as well. Try not to eat late on weekdays, however, as I think they have the second string cooks make the last batch of orders!