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Nov 17, 2006 03:36 PM

[SAT] Best tamales?

Will be in SA for the holidays and will want to pick up a few dozen traditional pork tamales. Recommendations?

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  1. There are 2 that I've heard of but I've not been to either.

    Ruben's Homemade Tamales
    1807 Rigsby Ave
    San Antonio

    Delicious Tamales. Various locations

    1. I understand that TELLEZ's are the best commercially made tamales in SA:

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      1. re: avi

        I've heard that, too—but just in Texas Monthly. For what that's worth.

        Tellez has bragged in print that they don't use lard in their tamales. (To me, that's a bad sign.)

        1. re: MPH

          No lard? I'd be interested in a double-blind taste test on that. I've attended the USDA tamal how-ya-doing, and the non-lard tamals were easily identified by, how do i put this, no flippin' texture and lack of depth in flavor. I refuse to substitute calories for bland imitation.

      2. I second Delicious Tamales. The main one is on Culebra, I go to the one closest to me on Nacadoches, and my Thanksgiving order is already in (check out the cheese and jalapeno tamales too!)

        I've also had really good tamales from Central Market.

        If I could only find a tamale steamer that wasn't so effin HUGE, I would be a happy girl.

        1. Ruben's on Rigsby. I've eaten them since I was old enough to understand a good tamale. They have a nice ratio of masa to filling...everything from bean and cheese to spicey pork to plain old tamal. Lines can be very long, depending on the season...and a cash-only basis--no plastic. Since Ruben's is close to home, I prefer them. If you're on that side of town, try the BBQ place on the corner of Roland and Rigsby, just across from Ruben's. They make a great hand sliced brisket sandwich and have yummy yam pie (when available).

          1. OK, I did try Ruben's. They do take plastic now. And during the holidays they only sell pork tamales. They were good. But, I liked the pork tamales at Adelita's better, 1130 Fresno. They are smaller, but I don't mind that. They seemed moister and more flavorful. Was not as fond of Delicious either--not bad at all, but I liked Adelita's better.