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Steaks for Birthday on Sat. 11/18

Can anyone recommend a place with decent steaks - not necessarily a steakhouse - and good desserts? We're looking to spend around $25-$35 pp.

I'm looking for something between SF and San Mateo.


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  1. In that price range, try Izzy's. Only problem is locale--there's one in the Marina district in SF and I believe there's one in San Carlos, a bit south of San Mateo.

    1. $25-35 including dessert, tax, and tip?

      Izzy's and Original Joe's are about the cheapest places with decent steak, and the steak alone's around $25.

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        Oops, I meant for entrees. Sounds like those two would fit the bill.

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            El Raigon's menu looks enticing. Are the steaks ala carte?

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              Yes. Sides are $5 for shareably large helpings.

      2. Slow Club has a good steak and good desserst
        Sam's Grill- has a great steak- never had dessert here.
        Belden Taverna

        1. Haven't been there, but what about Cleo's for brazilian steakhouse? More about the meat than dessert...

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            We have always enjoyed Cleo's, it probably depends on the time you go. We've gone on weekend nights, so that is probably the best time when the meat is fresh and not dried out cooking for a long time. Plus, love the pineapple and the amazing fried bananas.

          2. Ugh, I went to Cleo's for lunch a couple months ago and will never return. The best cut of meat they served in their rotation was plain 'ol sirloin. The sausages were salty, the pork lion was dry, and the brisket (yes, brisket on a spit) was tough as nails. To top it all off they only served 7 of their 9 offerings.

            For just a buck or two more, Espetus on Market Street is much, much better.

            1. What about Acme Chophouse? Not exactly in between, but definitely on the Southern end of SF. Haven't been in a bit so I'm not quite sure about the prices.

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                The steaks at Acme are definitely outside the OP's price range ($35+ for ala carte).

              2. I have to second El Raigon. The steaks are amazing, and the atmosphere is a bit more festive than your typical steakhouse. They also have a private room that is often available for no extra charge.

                1. Have heard that Town in San Carlos has good steaks. Can anyone confirm that?

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                    i've always been a fan of the steak at universal cafe - but it's been a while since i've indulged there.