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Nov 17, 2006 03:33 PM

Franny's slump?

Maybe it's that I've just eaten there to frequently of late and I hit the Franny's wall, but my last two dinners there in the past two months have been underwhelming and disappointing (using Franny's as the measuring stick -- it's still among the best restaurants in the area). Am I just suffering Franny's ennui, or have others had similar experiences? Also, most of the staff is great, but what's up with the hostess? Not the namesake owner, Franny: She is lovely. There is one there who is freakishly bitchy, not just to diners, but to staff, too. Interesting to watch the drama unfold, but not pleasant, not at all.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Forget Franny's... make your way to Lucali's for a great pizza. (nothing else on the menu but pizza at this time, but for a second last night I thought I was eating one of Domenic's creations.. he could sue for copyright infringement!

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        agree about the pizza at lucali, though my eating experiences there have ranged from top-notch to very good-but-not-great. i know that mark has really dedicated himself to the art of pizza making and i applaud him for that, so i guess some amount of inconsistency is to be expected while he continues to work out the kinks. still, it's one of the best new pizza joints to open up in quite some time.

        i should add that i really liked the calzone here as well. unlike most italian-american places in brooklyn and elsewhere, the calzone here is not at all greasy, but rather blistered and a little charred on the outside and fresh and oozing with bubbly ricotta on the inside. really delicious, and by far the best calzone i've had in a long time.

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            575 henry st btwn carroll st & 1st place in carroll gardens, brooklyn.

            there's plenty of discussion about the restaurant at the following threads:

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              I ate at Lucali's last night. Wow! The pizza is great! (My dining companion couldn't figure out why I wanted to get half with just plain cheese...) But, what really killed me was how visually intriguing the place is. There are no interior walls. And there is this funny, movie star looking guy making pizzas on a candlelight marble table. The tray of mozzerella infront of him looks like a decoration, until you see him rip one of them apart and put it on the pizza. Its like being in a cooking show / slash movie. And then you get the pizza. And realize that real life trumps media all the time.

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            Speaking of calzone, I had a very good one at LaVilla the other night. Ordered the regular w/ sausage and carmelized onions. Top notch.

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              At the risk of running away on a tangent, I love their chicken/mushroom/spinach calzone. Get a side of marinara with that--maaan. First-rate.

        1. was franny's ever really good? never saw what all the hubub was about- just like una pizza napolitana, overpriced yuppy pizza... do yourself a flavor, just go to difara and live life to the fullest!!! enjoy- fb

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            "was franny's ever really good?"

            Yes. I had a _terrific_ meal there last summer. And I thought the pizza I had there was on par with DiFara's, though entirely different in character.

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              Yes their food is delicious, but IMO too expensive for a neighborhood place. The chef is trying non-traditional combinations on the pies and its working. Amorina a couple of blocks away offers food with taste in the same ballpark for considerably less and without the fuss.

            2. My gf and I spent over 110 dollars (Including T&T) for the following:
              2 pizzas (1 is way too small to share). I appetizer 1 dessert 1 bottle of lambrusco...1 espresso.. cum'n that is way too much for pizza dinner. sorry
              I went there when it first opened and it was good, but I refuse to pay London prices for Pizza in Brooklyn.

              1. i have to agree with this. we had the same experience last summer but with kids and the waitress had the most sour look on her face about them (and they were well-behaved.) not worth it inho