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Nov 17, 2006 02:53 PM

Where is hanger steaks avaiable?

There was discuss on a old school Chinese dish called Steak Cubes. I have made this dish using Beef Fillet since I was told the name of the cut of meat in Chinese and in my mind it was fillet but now I have been told it is a hanger steak. I have not used this steak before, I am confusing this cut with skirt steak.


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  1. Also referred to as butcher's steak or onglet, this should give you all the info you need:

    Most any decent butcher will have it or can procure it for you.

    1. It's also called "hanging tender" -- my butcher (Baron's in Alameda) usually has it, but you probably want something in the South Bay.

      1. I've purchased it at the Ferry Building twice - once from Prather Ranch (they run out of it early) and once from Golden Gate Meat Co.

        1. Cafe Rouge butcher has it in Berkeley.

          1. Ver Brugge and Berkeley Bowl sells hangar steak.