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Nov 17, 2006 02:30 PM

Lunch in Belleville IL

I will be in Belleville IL at lunchtime on Tuesday. Any chowhound suggestions for a place within walking distance of the Metrolink stop? The Pie Pantry gets some good press regarding their pies, do they serve lunch as well?

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  1. homestyle at eckert's farm

    1. You are a bit limited in restaurant selections that are close to Metrolink stations in Belleville. Which stop are you getting off at? Which area of town will you be in? Eckerts is a decent place but not really within walking distance of the SWIC station. I will try and give you some direction with this info.

      1. Main St Wine Bar.
        Seven Sushi bar
        Sports bar opposite wine bar
        All on main street 5 mins from belleville station. Walk straight from station then right on main st.