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Nov 17, 2006 02:28 PM

Lodging in Berkshires with great breakfast?

I'll be heading to the Berkshires soon and am looking for a place to stay that would please a foodie. Any recommendations?

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  1. If you are in Lenox, neither Blantyre (pricey) nor Cranwell (less pricey) have ever disappointed me. The breakfast hostess at Cranwell, Sheila, is a delightful Irish lady.

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    1. re: thegolferbitch

      Way too expensive for my lodging budget, unfortunately...

    2. the egremont inn is beautiful and has a tasty restaurant inside. the town of egremont is very small, but has 4 other great restaurants.

      #1 john andrews- about 5 miles away
      #2 egremont inn- right there, of course
      #3 old mill- hop, skip & jump
      #4 swiss hutte- about 6 miles away
      #5 elm court inn- actually in north egremont, about 5 miles away.

      my fave is JA, but the bar/tavern area at old mill is AWESOME.

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        Thanks - I was considering staying at the Egremont Inn.

        1. re: uman

          great! please make sure to report back on your stay/food!

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            Well, I stayed at the Village Inn which I liked and had much fun in their bar. Troy, the man about the hotel, made us feel welcomed and introduced us to the locals.
            We ate at Zinc Bistro which I would not recommend to anyone UNLESS you are just drinking at the bar and eating appetizers.
            I had the short ribs. Now, I've just recently had the short ribs at Casablanca which are delicious. These are an entirely different beast, and if I were the owner, I'd be embarassed to serve these. First thing was, well, they were swimming in brown gravy. Brown gravy? Second, they were dry, dry, dry. Third, I needed a knife to eat them. If they can't cook this right, they should just take it off the menu. I was also going to get the gnocchi, but I noticed another diner eating them and they looked like they were bound with glue. The goat cheese salad was lacking as well.
            The dressing was bland and there was a GIANT piece of goat cheese the size of a burger fried into a pattie. Now I love fried cheese, but the cheese was too large. They should have made them smaller to get a bigger fried bits to cheese ratio. Underwhelming.
            The server was very nice, the duck spring rolls were good, and the desert of creme brulee was good.
            The trip itself was loads of fun and I look forward to going to Lenox again.

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              im glad you had fun...come on over to egremont next time and have some TASTY food, i promise!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I think this is where we stayed 6 years ago in Easthampton (near Northampton), and the breakfast was lovely. The rooms look familiar, and the house specialities sound familiar, but the proprietors are different.

          (Of course, about 70% of B&Bs seem to have house specialties along the lines of "banana walnut waffles, asparagus and roasted red pepper frittata, and baked blueberry-pecan french toast".


          Easthampton/Northampton may not be quite in the Berkshires enough for you, though.

          1. You might want to consider Lenox...there are several great inns, all of which serve breakfast. There is Birchwood, Rookwood, Brook Farm, Walker House.
            If money is not an issue, Blantyre is where to stay. It is a Relais Chateau. Dining there provides for an incredible experience; if dinner is that pleasurable, you could absolutely not go wrong with breakfast.