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Nov 17, 2006 02:11 PM

Wine tasting classes in Manhattan?

I am hoping to find a place, either restaurant or wine store, that may offer wine tastings. I have a friend that is a wine newbie and wants to learn more about different wines. I know IWC has a few courses but I am hopeful that I will hear other options. I am not a drinker so I am of little help. Also, for italian wines, is IWC the best place or are there others? Thanks for all your help!

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  1. The Institute of Culinary Education has a pretty substantial wine education department. Their 5-day Wine Essentials course is pretty informative.

    1. I think it will depend how much you and your friend want to invest in your wine education, or at least the foundation of it. Most newbies I know want to know HOW to taste wine (why look, swirl, sniff, etc?) and then they want to know about the different varietals (chardonnay vs. sauvignon blanc, etc) and different regions (Australian shiraz vs. California shiraz, or California cabernet vs. French cabernet).

      ICE does have good classes but they can be pricey. I think the 92nd St Y has a class here and there. Crush Wine Company ( has periodic Wine 101 classes that are $75 and they have a very friendly knowledgable staff. For Italian wines, Vino on 27th between Park and Lex is a specialist and has wine tastings and classes regularly - definitely worth checking out.

      Here's some other links you may find useful:

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        Thank you for the great information. You made a great point about how much time my friend wants to invest. Knowing her, I would guess that she would like an overview of the basics, particularly the different varieties of wine, without spending a lot of time. A day class or a few hours wher she can try some different types of wine and get an overview would be a great first step. Thanks

      2. Otto has wine tastings on Sunday for Italian wines. I haven't been but always mean to go.

        1. I've been to about 4 wine classes at this place and have been pleased with all of them. Most of them incorporate cheeses and cured meats from the same regions as they wines you taste.