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Nov 17, 2006 02:10 PM

Where to get an inexpensive cast iron dutch oven/casserole?

I'm looking for a dutch oven to make Jim Lahey's no-knead bread (as written up in last week's NY Times and discussed exhaustively on the Home Cooking board). I don't have a Le Creuset or other similar vessel with good thermal mass. What I would like is a 4 or 5 qt Lodge or other inexpensive cast iron pot. I tried TJ Maxx; they have enameled cast iron pots for about $40; I'd like to spend under $30 if possible. My local hardware store has Lodge cast iron pans, but no dutch oven.

I'm in Lexington--any ideas where I can get something in the Watertown/Belmont/Lex/Arlington/Burlington area?

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  1. Honeslty, i know they are expensive but Le Crueset is worth the $$$. They have an outlet at the Wrentham stores w/ great deals!

    But to help w/ your question - have you tried Marshall's??

    1. Target has them for about $30. Not sure which one is closest to you; perhaps Watertown or Woburn?

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        Definitely Target or a similar big box store.

        One of this recipe's many miraculous attributes is how forgiving it seems to be. So yes, cheap-ish should suit you fine.

      2. Try China Fair on Mass Ave. Call first.

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          Would this be the same as the China Fair in Newton?

          1. re: Angel Food

            Yes, they have two outlets, Newton and Cambridge. But as Uman says, call first since their selection varies. For that matter, call both, they don't always have the same stuff.

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              I believe there is another China Fair (possibly new) on Rt 16 in Newton, in the same plaza as the 365 Fitness (old Gold's Gym). Never had the chance to stop in though. North Cambridge or perhaps Newton are probably easiest for OP, though.

              WalMart carries a fair amount of lodge stuff, although I think you are more likely to find aluminum dutch ovens than cast iron. If you want to go that route, you could get a pan for $20 or less. Market Basket often has them inexpensive, all sorts of latino or possibly indian stores (moody in Waltham) for a bit more expensive.

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                No there are only 2. Mass ave in Cambridge and Needham st in newton.

        2. try Crate and Barrel. They have the lodge cast iron pans there and I recently saw a really nice Analon non-stick dutch oven on sale for about $40.

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