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Nov 17, 2006 01:57 PM

Thanksgiving Desperation - Help!

This year I am assigned to do cornbread, mashed potatoes and a green vegetable. I need your best recipes, b/c I am traveling and have no time to work on this.

My cornbread is always dry - want moist and easy but not cheesy.

For potatoes, I'd love some that you can make and then reheat in the oven. Does this exist.

Finally, my standard, roasted brussel sprouts with pancetta has been nixed. Thinking about doing roasted cippoline onions and green beans with balsamic butter, but any other suggestions are welcome.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Okay, so these are sorta semi-homemade recipes but they are what I immediately thought of when you said you wanted moist cornbread and potatoes that could be reheated in the oven.

    This is often the recipe I use when I make cornbread, it's kind of more of a spoonbread. It's extremely moist and travels well.

    And the potatoes... I prefer these, because you don't necessarily need gravy and I've had enough bad gravy in my lifetime! We use fresh minced garlic, of course!

    Definitely not low-fat or high class recipes, but they're good, easy, and can be made ahead! Hope that helps!

    1. What about twice baked potatoes? Technically, they're mashed, and just put back in the skins. My mom always does them ahead of time and puts them in the fridge and then re-heats.


      1. Corn breads need to be eaten hot out of the oven when it is really fresh. For potatoes you might do a gratin with a lot of heavy/whipping cream. That would travel and stay creamy. Don't skimp on the butter either.

        1. Definitely don't skimp on butter. When the corn bread comes out of the oven, I poke it all over with a fork and spread butter over it all. I've posted the Durgin Park recipe often since that's my favorite. It's slightly sweet, cakey, though, if you're looking for a southern type, it's not like that. If you do the southern style, you can put the cast iron skillet in the oven first so when it's all good and hot, add the batter to get a crunchy crust. Also, keep an eye out on it because it's easy to overcook.

          1. A scalloped-potato or potato gratin is very forgiving and can be prepared in advance and baked before serving, pre-baked almost all the way (covered) and then finished and browned at the end, or even prepared ahead and nuked in the microwave.

            Don't stress -- you are doing sides! Compliment the turkey, enjoy the wine, and have a nice holiday with your family and friends!