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Nov 17, 2006 01:36 PM

Ray's the Classics

Am finally getting to Ray's the Classics tonight! I've hear some of the threads below but want to hear the latest about what are must orders. Also, two in our group are vegetarians/light-on-meat eaters, any suggestions for the non-meat options?

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  1. They have an egglant dish as a main course there.

    Have fun!

    Steve R

    1. Virtually everything is terrific, but I enjoyed the pan fried chicken which is much less expensive that the steaks.

      1. Restaurant is a major disappointment. Ate there recently, and it's listed in the Washingtonian as one of the top restaurants, which is very surprising, since the food is average, as is the service. Need to follow up with the staff constantly. The valet is slow. The steaks are good, but my medium seemed a bit overcooked. The management staff tries hard, but somehow or another, the restaurant just doesn't feel right. Since I work at Discovery across the street, I've compared notes, and my collegues have all felt the same. Be warned!

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          The time I went I was generally pleased with the food, and thought it was an exceptional deal for the price. However, I thought the service was only so-so. It was a Sat. night roughly 6-8w after they opened, so perhaps thing shave smoothed out.

        2. I thought that Rays the Classics was pretty good, but definitely prefer Ray's the Steaks in Arlington.

          1. After hearing great things about Rays the Steaks, we were excited to try out the MD outpost on Jan. 13. Maybe we'd gotten our hopes up, but we all felt that dinner was just okay. The food was good though not spectacular, and the service was so-so. Maybe it was that our appetizers all came out at different times (separated by nearly 10 minutes each), maybe it was that the waitstaff several times tried to deliver food to the wrong tables.

            Also, note that Executive Chef Michael Hartzer left at the beginning of 2007. Also gone are the biscuits we'd heard so much about, the salad that was included with the entrees, and the stuffed olives. Thankfully the deviled eggs were still on the menu for those of us who were adventurous enough to try the steak tartare.

            Like I said, dinner was fine, but at these prices, you can find somewhere better I'm sure. We're in no rush to return.

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              Funny - I ate there for the first time on Friday night and had a much better experience. Yes, they did run out of bread but we got there 5 minutes before closing. Our service was great, as was the food (although I didn't like the broccoli side we ordered - will stick to spinach next time). The scallop appetizer was divine, and their winelist is interesting and varied.

              While the chef might be gone, Michael Landrum (the owner) is back in the kitchen and running back and forth between SS and Arlington. Needless to say, he looked exhausted.