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A small Thanksgiving turkey.

Where can I get a 6-8 lb. turkey?
The smallest I have seen is 9.5 lbs at the Village Market in Roslindale.
I am going out looking today, but if anyone knows a good place to start...

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  1. If you don't find a whole small turkey, you might try a turkey breast which would be more readily available in a supermarket. Some of them may average the 6lb range, but of course then there would be no thighs, legs or wings if that's what your after!

    Either way - have a good holiday - enjoy!

    1. I say just go for the 9.5 lber. I think you'll be pretty hard-pressed to find a 6-8 pound turkey.

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        It takes a while before I get sick of turkey. Go for the 3 extra lbs and have an extra sandwich or make some croquettes.

      2. You could buy a small turkey breast and the legs seperately, that is if you want both white and dark meats.

        1. Or you could do a plump roasting chicken...tends to be moister but it might be sacreligous on T-day. My very small family (mom, dad, me) used to do that when we were not hosting family from out of town.

          1. Get a fresh capon at Mayflower Poultry in East Cambridge. Far better than a large chicken or small turkey. Closed Sundays.

            1. I was able to order an 8lb bird from whole foods in cambridge (river st, though i'm sure you could get one from any WF) last year - worked out perfectly. I don't even think I ordered it very far in advance... worth a shot.

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                That is the first place I'm headed, but the WF in Brighton. I am going to try Whole Foods, Super 88, Brazilian Corner, and Trader Joe's.

              2. Whole Foods takes orders for fresh, free range birds. Last time I was there, <10 lbs. was an option. This was the River St. store in Cambridge, but I'm sure that the other ones do the same.

                1. I ordered my Turkey from J Pace & Sons yesterday and I think I saw smaller turkey sizes listed.

                  1. I am trying to find one too, although i recall hearing that stop and shop carries a very small turkey i think from butterball. I think it may have been five lbs. Has anyone tried this? Also saw on line that Hannafords has a small turducken which i guess might be an alternative to a small turkey.

                    1. I never found a small turkey! I ended up buying a brined 12-lb. turkey at Trader Joe's. It was DELICIOUS, but we ended up throwing a lot of it away after a week or so.
                      C'est la vie!

                      1. We ended up getting dad a cooked Butterball from Stop & Shop. He liked it. The butcher at Hannafords said they all sampled the turducken and everyone loved it and they were flying out of there, and they have cranberry apple bread stuffing or Louisiana rice stuffing and are about 3 lbs so might be the best choice for next year..