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Nov 17, 2006 01:26 PM

A small Thanksgiving turkey.

Where can I get a 6-8 lb. turkey?
The smallest I have seen is 9.5 lbs at the Village Market in Roslindale.
I am going out looking today, but if anyone knows a good place to start...

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  1. If you don't find a whole small turkey, you might try a turkey breast which would be more readily available in a supermarket. Some of them may average the 6lb range, but of course then there would be no thighs, legs or wings if that's what your after!

    Either way - have a good holiday - enjoy!

    1. I say just go for the 9.5 lber. I think you'll be pretty hard-pressed to find a 6-8 pound turkey.

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        It takes a while before I get sick of turkey. Go for the 3 extra lbs and have an extra sandwich or make some croquettes.

      2. You could buy a small turkey breast and the legs seperately, that is if you want both white and dark meats.

        1. Or you could do a plump roasting chicken...tends to be moister but it might be sacreligous on T-day. My very small family (mom, dad, me) used to do that when we were not hosting family from out of town.

          1. Get a fresh capon at Mayflower Poultry in East Cambridge. Far better than a large chicken or small turkey. Closed Sundays.