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Nov 17, 2006 12:55 PM

Thanksgiving Pie....any suggestions?

As usual I wait for the last minute to look for pies but I know the Chowhounds will help me out. Looking for your usual Pumpkin, Pecan, Apple varieties? Willing to travel anywhere in the city for the right pie.

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  1. Breadsmith in Skokie has some great pies - the full spectrum pecan to fruit - my fvaorites are their berry pies - especially their 3 berry raspberry, blueberry and strawberry - they are on dempster just west of mccormack

    1. I highly recommend Hoosier Mama Pie Company. You can place an order online and then pick up your pies from several different locations in the city. Although they are not inexpensive ($18-$21), each pie is a made-to-order work of art. The Hoosier Mama was formerly the pastry chef at Pili Pili. Prior to that, she worked for 5 years as the pastry chef at the legendary Trio restaurant when boy-wonder Grant Achatz was the head chef there.

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      1. re: Roger Spark

        Just out of curiousity, how long do these pies last for? I wouldn't mind picking up a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving, but wouldn't want to run all the way up to metropolis during the weekdays.

        1. re: wiz561

          To tell you the truth, I have never kept one for more than a couple of days, and that was an apple pie. You could call the number on the website (773 758 2076), and ask Paula. They also deliver to Dollop which is on Clarendon near Irving Park (still pretty far north, but close to LSD).

      2. I'm a fan of Sweet Mandy B's pies. My dad's a big pie guy and he loves 'em too:
        1208 W. Webster Ave. (cross street: Racine)
        Tel: (773) 244-1174

        1. Thanks for the help....I found a great place, Tipsycake, around 1000 N California. Bought a Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, a Pumpkin and a German Chocolate 6 layer Cake. Picking them up next Weds.....will let you know how they taste.

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          1. re: chgo36

            how were the pies from tipsycake and hoosier mama? need to take a pecan pie to some relatives for belated turkey day celebratation. thanks!

            1. re: ljero

              I've had Hoosier Mama pies on several occasions and I think they are fantastic...most recently I had an apple-quince pie that was chock full of perfectly cooked fruit with a great hand rolled crust(my favorite part). I had their pumpkin last year and it was also a dream.

              1. re: khainajr

                thanks! let them a VM but have not heard back. their website would not take anymore you know the status? also, do they deliver? what is closest to loop, if you know? thanks!

                1. re: ljero

                  You could try calling them at 773-758-2076. I think Dollop on Clarendon near Irving is the closest drop-off point. It is pretty far north, but close to the Drive. I have tasted their Pecan Pie, and it is very good. It had a nice buttery flavor, and was not overly sweet like many pecan pies. Like khainajr noted, the best thing about the pies is the crust.

                  1. re: ljero

                    I know they sometimes do deliveries to a few businesses in the loop...perhaps they can swing by and drop a pie off? The only thing I can suggest as far as ordering goes is to maybe send them a quick email. Hope everything turns out well!