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Nov 17, 2006 12:40 PM

Its fish night! What's your favorite salmon recipe?

Something quick, easy and yummy! I usually just bake it with lemon, salt and butter but looking for something a bit more inspiring. Thanks!

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  1. I can hardly find wild salmon down here in Florida anymore and when I do, it's usually $20 per pound but here's my favorite for Honey Ginger Salmon from epicurious...kind of a fusion recipe with the Asian hoisin sauce and the chipotle in adobo:

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      This recipe appeared in Bon Appetit many years ago, and soon became my favorite. Fast, easy, and delicious!!! The original didn't call for the chipolte in adobo. Same method of cooking. It's great on salmon, but I use it for many types of fish. Especially good on Striped Bass(Rockfish).

    2. Honey mustard, fresh dill and a dash of teriyaki sauce. Blend, brush on and grill. Sometimes I put a bit of coarse salt on top before serving.

      1. Ishikari Nabe / Salmon Miso soup

        This works best with head, collar, & cheap cuts (flavor) but regular filet pieces are great too.

        - Slightly boil pieces to rid of any fishy odors (shimofumi technigue). Drain & reserve.

        - Make Dashi broth-- instant dashi is fine to use.

        - Dissolve Miso paste in hot broth.

        - Add Salmon, shredded cabbage, onion, carrot (can use cole slaw mix), tofu, precooked potatoes etc. Cook through -- doesnt take long.

        -Serve with rice. Garnish with shredded nori, green onion.

        This is my favorite winter dish in the world. Nothing better than fatty pieces of steaming hot salmon paired with rice in a flavorful broth.

        1. I like seasoning it simply with salt and pepper and broiling it then serving it with a dill mayo, very heavy on the dill.

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          1. I'm guessing that you don't plan to grill your fish? If you do, the sky's the limit as there are so many great recipes out there for grilled salmon. The husband goes salmon fishing in Alaska once a year, so I cook A LOT of salmon. My favorites to do in the oven are...



            For this second one you can easily sub sour cream (although I think some Greek yogurt would be great) and it works just as well on salmon filets as it does on steaks.