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Point me to your favorite roach coach!

The hallowed roach coach... I've been in LA nearly 10 years and have never partaken of any RC comestibles.

Here on Chowhound, I've read over the past several years about the one near Lincoln and Rose. (What's the name again? Thier specialities?)

So where are your other to picks and what are their specialties? What is so special about how they prepare their specific platos versus the coach down the street?

I'm particularly interested to learn of any praiseworthy ones near the LA Farmers Market, but please don't limit your responses to any specific part of the city.

Lay it on me!

Mr Taster

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  1. Question: Are you Looking for a roach coach AKA a catering truck which has a wide variety of greasy foods or are you looking for Taco Trucks which may use the same type of cooking vehicle but produces high quality regional [usualy mexican] cuisine?

    The Truck on Lincoln 1 block south of Rose is La Oaxaquena and you can see Bandindi review it here:

    Plus there are a lot of other taco truck recs on his site or search Chowhound.

    1. The best tacos that I've ever had were the direct result of a post here quite a long time ago. Everybody was giving their recs about their favorite trucks and one poster said something along the lines of, I've been to all of your guys recs but the one on Herbert a few feet N of Olympic in ELA blows em all away! Strong words, so I checked it out and that poster was right - really good meats, the most flavorful and best quality meats that I've ever had in a taco! A beautiful shiney white and stainless steel machine! Now the down side; every time that I have driven past since my one memorable feasat - they are gone, dissapeared. I'd love to find those guys. It wasn't the Tacos Kenia truck nearby.

      My stategy is simple, I try the ones that folks post qbout here and if I'm out and hungry and I see a busy truck that looks and smells good - I invest in a couple of tacos or a torta or a ________ if I see them preparing it and it looks good! Tacos at a buck or so each and other items not much over $3 are a gamble that I'm willing to take!

      I also like the after 6 PM truck, La Oaxaquena on Lincoln S of Rose, everything that I have tried has been very tasty, especially the item that I can neither pronounce nor spell, a 'tlayuda' or something like that.

      The only thing that I grumble about with most taco trucks is the lack of homemade beverages, aguas frescas especially horchata and good coffee, cafe de olla or???

      1. If La Oaxaquena is the one that parks in the mexican market next to smart and final (at the fox swap meet) then i definitely recommend it too. it's wonderful.

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          That is the one, but it now parks on Lincoln Ave, just south of Rose.

          During the day, you should also consider the taco truck that parks on Rose, a few blocks west of Lincoln, in front of the self-storage facility. it's another first class option.

        2. I've spotted but not tried a Vietnamese roach coach in downtown LA. That's not something I see often.

          Anyone tried it? I think it's on Spring Street near Ord, sorta behind CBS Seafood

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            No, but sounds great... it is a night thing or day thing?


            1. re: Dommy

              I've seen that roach coach too, but haven't tried it. It's in Chinatown on Spring, near Ord or Alpine, on the west side of the street. A daytime thing.

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                Yup, that sounds like it. I believe it's immediately next to one of the Chinese poultry shops, maybe Shang Lee Poultry?

                If one of you downtowners tries it for lunch, please report back.

          2. EL PECAS #2

            Located at La Brea and Olympic @ 7pm. tacos are $1 each

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                  I'm curious, do either of you know if there is an "El Pecas #1" ??

            1. If it's still there, the truck in the Nishikawa Auto Parts lot on South Fair Oaks and California in Pasadena is still the best taco I've ever had, and I've had many. They get there around 7pm and are there til the wee hours 7 nights a week, I think.

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                It's still there, but they are inconsistent. Sometimes the carnitas are too soggy, the carne asada flavorless, etc. I think it depends on who's running the truck that night. The good news is that there's a back up just as good, if not better in some ways, across the street at Los Tacos restaurant.

                1. re: ozzygee

                  Oh well, you had me until you said Los Tacos, which is absolutely foul. Some of the worst food I've ever had.

                  But you are right that truck can be inconsistent. I used to think it was best to go early, when everything was still fresh. That logic is flawed, though, because they make fresh batches all night I'm sure.

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                    How long ago did you go? I'd put their asada tacos against that taco truck anyday.

                    Anyway, tell me something: have you ever seen them cooking anything at the truck? I went there once when they had just gotten there. They made us wait 10minutes and then they started selling and serving tacos. They have to be bringing them in from the restaurant on steam tables. That may account for the sogginess. Maybe they crisp up the asada on their skillet, but the carnitas are definitely sitting in soup.

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                      Years. I guess it's just preference then, but I thought the meat tasted strange. It had a chewy texture, loaded with gristle. The whole concoction was excessively oily and had an odd aftertaste. But if you like them, that's cool. I'll pass.

                      Don't know. I think I've seen them cooking up piles of meat. Perhaps they are only warming it? They don't usually start serving the minute they arrive. They have to get up and running first. I have been a few times at opening and that seems to be the case.

                      I don't normally get the carnitas, so I can't tell you the deal there. Soggy is definitely not good. They should obviously be crunchy and moist if done correctly.

                2. i liked the one on huntington. if you take huntington from south pasadena, and go south(it curves)/west, you'll see it on the opposite side of the street. horrible description, sorry.

                  1. also, lunchtime, on fig just past york in highland park, theres one there that has seafood.

                    1. You can find arguably the very best seafood cocktail in the entire city at the truck that parks at Sycamore Grove Park in Highland Park (Figueroa Ave between Avenues 43 & 50)... $5ish for a Campechana (Octopus & Shrimp)...

                      1. Tacos Juanita - Western and 3rd. Awesome pastor.

                        1. Tacos Le Estrella on York and Ave. 54. Tacos de lengua, carnitas, al pastor. Delish!