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Nov 17, 2006 04:47 AM

Have anyone been to: The abbey, Bistro of SM, or Fresh Corn

They are all in Santa Monica, WLA area- Abbey in WeHo, Bistro on Santa Monica Blvd by like 23rd? or one of those teen street, and Fresh Corn near Westwood Blvd/Ohio--

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  1. The Abbey is a cavernous place that is mostly a bar scene with an extensive yet bland menu. It's a fun place to hang out and have a few drinks but I wouldn't recommend the food.

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    1. re: hrhboo

      Thank you hrhboo! It looks nice from outside- but if food is not so great, I can't drink so-

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        Only go to the Abbey for the drinks (which you can't partake of) and the scenery (er, the human scenery)... don't go for the food.

        1. re: Das Ubergeek

          Thank you ;) Too bad that food is not so great...

      2. had lunch at fresh corn grill today, and had catered office lunch from there 2 weeks ago.

        catered, we had the grilled chicked and the grilled salmon- both delicious, sides of some kind of grilled veggie lettuce salad and a mixed corn, asparagus, grilled zucchini salad (like a succotash) Everything was very light and fresh tasting, and made me want to drop in for lunch.

        today, I wasn't so hungry, and was disappointed that you can't get a side of the grilled corn/asparagus/zucchini thing that I liked so much (it is on their catering menu, but the girl at the counter told me I could order the 3 separate sides and have them chop/mix it up for me... that was going to be almost $9 for a side dish)

        I did have the grilled zucchini side (2.50), which was freshly grilled, very nicely seasoned and not oily at all, and the butternut squash soup(3.95), kind of bland and underseasoned.

        the sandwiches looked good- the salads were a but pricey- $8.95 PLUS $2-4 for grilled chicken or salmon added

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          Oh! GREAT to know that you can dine inside- I wonder if they are open at dinner hours- but I always passed by there and never stopped there but always wanted to!!! I have to try that~

        2. The salmon and grilled corn at Fresh Corn are really good. You can't get good salmon like that for under $10 anywhere else. Only been there once, and have been meaning to go again but (a huge) problem is parking. Parking's been what's stopped me every time I think of it and happen to be driving by. So I guess the food's not SO great to walk a few blocks to get to it, but still pretty good.

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            That is true about Westwood area- parking! but I wanted to try there but never heard anything about it anywhere - it looks like such quality good food from outside- got to check it out~ You guys are ahead of us all