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Nov 17, 2006 04:43 AM

Oinkster has Pumpkin Pie milkshakes!

I like The Oinkster, have visited three times now and it's been consistent for me. In fact, right now it's my favorite burger in town.

My cheeseburger alone was only $5.00, which is a good value since it's a 1/3 lb. The fries kicked up the price a little, but this is my third visit and they are still consistently hot and crisp and good to my tastebuds. The Garlic Aioli was a little strong this time out, but still fine.

A sign at the register touted their seasonal pumpkin pie milkshake...Made with Fosselman's ice cream, even a plain shake would have probably been fine, but they bring things up another level by adding actual graham crust bits into the shake! It was REALLY REALLY good.

OH, and an employeed let me know that they are going to have RIBS this weekend as a special. I'm not a rib person, but I'm sure many hounds are. I'd recommend calling first to confirm.

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  1. I have little enthusiasm for this place, but I will say this: I got a chocolate malt from Oinkster last week, and if nothing else, they do serve serious shakes.

    1. Yep, shakes here are amazing. I also like the fries at Oinkster. A bit disappointed in the pastrami -- it wasn't bad, just wasn't what I was expecting after all the pre-opening comparisons to Langer's. The burgers are good if not stellar. But the shakes, man, the shakes!