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Yummy food in the east bay that won't break the bank!

chele Nov 17, 2006 04:23 AM

My parents offered to take me out for my 35th bday- preferrably in the East Bay (Pleasanton, San Leandro, Oakland areas). Don't want to break my parents' bank taking the family out, but would love to have good food that will make everyone happy. Looking for American, Japanese, Italian, Korean. Would love to hear your favs!

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    Janet RE: chele Nov 17, 2006 06:39 AM

    Ohgane 3915 Broadway,Oakland 510-594-8300

    A Koren friend says this is the best Koren he has ever had. We have liked what we have had very much.

    appetizers $6.95 to 13.95 Hae Mui Pa Jun was very good, and I hate oysters!

    broiled $10.95 to $24.95 Dak Gu E great ( chicken ), Dae Gee Bul Go Gi ( pork) very very good

    steamed/sauteed $10.95 to 23.95 Kim Chee Boke- Um, not my favorite,but our Koren friend called it the best he had ever had

    authentic entrees $ 8.95 to 18.95

    cassarole for 2 $23.95 to $28.95

    Stew $8.95 to $18.95

    Soup & Noodles $8.95 to $10.95 Man Uh Tang ( dumpling soup )very good

    We really enjoyed out meals there. Good, helpful service; very good food, and reasonable prices.

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    1. re: Janet
      Robert Lauriston RE: Janet Nov 17, 2006 08:31 PM

      Ohgane was my first thought, too. Make sure they seat you in the front room, it's nicer.

      There's a branch in San Leandro, I don't know if it's as good as the one in Oakland.

      1. re: Janet
        offalgood RE: Janet Nov 17, 2006 09:32 PM

        i can't stress enough: do not go to ohgane. it is mediocre korean food, at best. the resturant looks nice for a korean place, but nothing is well prepared.

        1. re: offalgood
          oakjoan RE: offalgood Nov 17, 2006 09:36 PM

          offalgood, do you have any recs for GOOD Korean food?

          1. re: offalgood
            Robert Lauriston RE: offalgood Nov 17, 2006 10:29 PM

            I'd love to know of anyplace better than Ohgane. I've tried a bunch of Korean places in Oakland and so far that's easily the best.

            1. re: offalgood
              singleguychef RE: offalgood Nov 17, 2006 10:56 PM

              I agree with offalgood. Ohgane looks fancy from the outside but it's average in taste. But I felt the prices were high for the quality. (Sorry, haven't found another Korean restaurant that I love. I still feel the best Korean restaurants in the United States are in New York.)

              1. re: singleguychef
                Janet RE: singleguychef Nov 18, 2006 06:12 AM

                I find it interesting that some of you all don't like Ohgane. As I said we went with a Korean friend and he thought it was excellent. Are you Korean too? What is the problem? We thought it was good, but had little to compare it too. He had a lifetime, especially his Mother's cooking to compare it too. He thought it wonderful.

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