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Nov 17, 2006 04:05 AM

down monsoon..what happened?

It's been a while since I last ate at Monsoon, about 1 year ago. The food has always been creative and flavourful but...
We noticed the cuisine was less Asian and more french.It seems that the female chef (winlai wong ) is on matrnity leave.The corporate chefs name was on the menu. We had dinner at Monsoon tuesday night.We started off with stale taro chips. There were 2 other tables besides us in the dining room.. We ordered an appetizer platter that consist of a hard, dry, unedible green tea tofu.I ordered a vegetarian plate that consist of soba noodle, vegetables and a spicy broth($29). They also had a lamb dish 3 ways for ($55).Who would pay those ridiculous prices? For that type of cuisine, enviornment and service, I'd rather go to Susur, By Mark or Canoe.

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