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Nov 17, 2006 02:12 AM

baby shower for 20-25 people

I am looking for a restaurant on the westside, beverly hills, west hollywood, santa monica, that has a small private room for a baby shower with good food and a fun vibe. my first grandchild is due in late january and i am planning the shower for early january. any ideas?

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  1. Melisse in Santa Monica has two private rooms. Fine French food and service.

    One Pico is also a great place to hold a baby shower, with a gorgeous view and great food.

    If it were me, though, I'd opt for Hotel Bel Air. Nestled among Bel Air's finest homes, it has the most lovely garden, with swans and a lake; impeccable service; divine food (esp high tea and brunch!), and extra special treatment for special occasions. It feels entirely separate from busy LA!


    1. i hosted a baby shower for about the same amount of people at shutters in santa monica that went very well. great service, food and event coordination. granted, this was five years ago, but you could look into it. (don't hold their annoying flash site against them.)

      1. My first idea is that you need to move your shower earlier ; )

        I've been invited to many a shower that was cancelled when the guest of honor arrived a few weeks early.

        I've given my share of baby showers and 4 - 6 weeks minimum before the due date.

        1. spendy recommendations so far......

          I have recently been to/given showers at
          Il Cielo in BH
          Cafe Bizou in Santa Monica
          Joe's in Venice- awesome, we did brunch and took the whole back patio
          Chez Mimi- they have 3-4 different sized private rooms, one with a little courtyard also, and do a TON of showers, really easy
          Chado on Third- for TEA funky vibe, good food
          The Ritz Carlton Marina del Rey for high tea- pretty good, not great