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Nov 17, 2006 01:54 AM

Chinese for Christmas

Would someone please recommend a chinese restaurant near the mid 50's or 60's - east or west - that has great food and a nice atmosphere for Christmas Day - NO MSG - not fancy schmancy -
spare ribs, egg rolls, good not greasy - noodles and veggies too!
anybody?? does this exist?

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  1. Evergreen on 69th and 1st is not too fancy and they serve decent chinese. I like going there for Dim Sum if I don't want to trek downtown.

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      Reply from REDREDRED -
      Thanks for your tip on Evergreen - you won't believe it but I did not hear back from Chowhound and did some research and made a Christmas Day reservation at Evergreen two weeks ago. I spoke to the nicest guy there named Frank.
      Glad you confirmed it will be a great meal.
      thank you!!