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Nov 17, 2006 01:22 AM

gnudi - what is it, exactly?

I'm showing my ignorance, and I should have ordered it when we were at the Spotted Pig last weekend, but I wanted a salad they had and their quail, so I didn't. Would someone please explain exactly what gnudi is? It appears to be something ravioli-ish?

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  1. I don't know, but gosh it sounds like fun.

    1. I read "gnudi", my brain processed "gnocchi", and my google returned this:

      "Well, the gnocchi type thing is called gnudi, and it’s beyond fantastic. Most everyone likes the concept of gnocchi, but being especially prone to overkneading and overcooking, gnocchi can be a hard, chewy downer. Gnocchi lovers often mention the word ‘pillowy’ when gushing about it, but pillowy gnocchi is a rare experience.

      That explains the popularity of Spotted Pig’s gnudi. Minimize the flour and put the rolling pin or pasta machine away. Replace the potato of gnocchi with a soft pillowy cheese. The result is a delicate “cheese-gnocchi-type-thing” that is indeed pillowy and easy to make at home.

      Pair the gnudi with anything you’d like – crispy pancetta or earthy mushrooms on a typical night at home, or on a special occasion(Gothamist made this dish on New Year’s Eve) brown them in tarragon infused butter and toss with chunky pieces of fresh lobster. "

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        Exactly. I made them a few months back at home, used Lidia's recipe, they were quite good and fun to make:

      2. Gnudi means 'nude' in italian. In my best recollection -- I watched a de Laurentiis show in which she was making it-- basically ravioli without the wrapper, hence 'nude.' Could be worng though. Check out foodtv site.

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          A dish that is precisely ravioli without the pasta wrapper is served at Cantina Toscana, and it is called Gnuddi Fiorentini.

          1. I watched Lidia make this with her adorable granddaughter recently. It means "nude" and it's basically the filling of a stuffed pasta without the pasta. She made hers with ricotta, spinach and grated cheese and then she made a quick butter and sage sauce.

            Here's the whole recipe:

            1. I have been making a version of the ricotta and spinach ones for years, and i serve mine with marinara sauce. make sure you use excellent fresh ricotta- it makes a huge difference.