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what's your favorite hole in the wall joint? cheap and good eats

forget ambience, some of the best eats are at hole in the wall joints. one of my favorites is dino's for their chicken plate- and for only $4.25! Do you guys know of any other hidden gems?

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  1. I love Irv's Burgers on SM Boulevard. Delish and cheap!

    Also, not a hole in the wall, but Fred 62 is always cheap and good.

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      fred 62 is cheap...hmmm...can you give me an example of what is cheap there?

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        Fred 62 is not exactly the definition of cheap. Good for sit-down, late-night eats in the Los Feliz area, but certainly nothing to crow about. I like their tuna melt quite a lot, and the burgers are okay. Mostly, though the service off-puts me to the point that I rarely want to go back.

      2. La Playita on Lincoln near Rose is my fave hole in the wall, hands down. While not strictly a hole in the wall, I am also partial to La Oaxaqena truck, also on Lincoln near Rose. Oh! and Don Felix, off Washington Blvd at Centinela (Sawtelle?) is pretty awesome too.

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          hrhboo, what are some good things to order at these places?

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            The ceviche at La Playita is great, and very inexpensive. I can't recall the price off the top of my head but I know it's low. Their burritos are very good too, as are the shrimp tacos. I love the Al Pastor tacos at Don Felix. At La Oaxaquena I usually get the clayuda with either chorizo or tazajo. In addition to the meat, you can choose whether you want it to come with Oaxacan string cheese or not. One is more than enough food for two people and costs around $7.

            Thanks for starting this great thread. I just realized my favourite holes are all Mexican! I can't wait to read more replies so I can vary my hole-in-the-wall experiences.

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              Thanks for the great recs! not a fan of ceviche but love shrimp tacos. Al pastor is one of my favorites so I will definitely have to check out Don Felix. Oaxacan string cheese...Mmmmmmmmm...I'm getting excited....mexican hole in the walls are awesome

        2. Tacos Baja Ensenada on Whittier Blvd. for fish tacos, exactly as "Mama" serves them...and everything else they have: spicy yellow peppers, ceviche, and horchata are some of my very favorites!

          1. taqueria sanchez on centinela

            mojarra fritta
            shrimp tacos
            shrimp tostada

            (probably everything else there is good too, but i've never gotten beyond the three dishes i've mentioned)

            they close at 7 on weekdays

            4541 S Centinela Ave Los Angeles, CA 90066. (310) 822-8880

            also, i loved
            Vinh Loi Tofu
            Vietnamese Vegetarian and Tofu Factory
            18625 Sherman Way Ave, #101
            Reseda, CA 91335
            daily 7am-7pm

            also, for indian food
            bharat bazaar, which is now named samosa house
            $6 lunch
            i believe that they close at about 4 in the afternoon
            11938 West Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90066 Phone: 310-390-6005

            can't call katmandu a real dive, but it certainly isn't fancy either--go for their low priced buffet lunch served daily
            Katmandu Kitchen 10855 1/2 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: 310-836-9696

            1. Any Pho/Ramen place in the SG Valley can fill you up easy with a giant bowl of noodles with meat and fresh veggies in a great broth for about $6. My particular faves are Noodle City in Alhambra for Pho & Shisengumi (San Gabriel/Rosemead) or Foo Foo Tei (Monterey Park/Industry) for Ramen.

              HK-style cafes are another option.


              1. El Cihualteco Taqueria
                2325 1/2 S. San Pedro St.
                Los Angeles
                213 748-2519

                1. Eat-A-Pita has good, cheap Mediterranean, and great ambience.

                  1. For cheap breakfasts...

                    Armon's in Eagle Rock, Angel's in Hollywood (Hollywood Blvd, east of Western) and the Cafe at the Los Feliz Pitch 'n Putt.

                    Hard to beat the taco prices/portions at Tumbras y Tomas in the Grand Central Market.

                    For dinner? The Gumbo Pot and a Happy Hour pitcher of beer at the Farmer's Market.

                    1. Big Mike's in San Pedro. It is a hole-in-the-wall BBQ joint with an amazing and absolutely enormous hamburger. Huge hand-formed patty the size of a fist topped with a grilled spicy hot link and all the fixings. The combo with fries and drink runs about $7 and will fill you up for the rest of the day

                      1. no DOUBT the burrito on thh corner of Vermont and Santa Monica in hollywood. For $3 you get a BIG burrito and a TASTY salsa bar...El gran Burrito is the name of the place.

                        Lets put it this way, I ahve been going there for about 4 years now. When I started it was a simple establishment....soon after it started to get popular they added the SAME restaurant next door (right outside) which is now open 24 hours a day.

                        1. most, if not all, the food stalls at the grand central market in downtown. =)

                          1. SinBaLa (in Arcadia) for pork chop rice and Taiwanese sausages.

                            Sahee (in Alhambra) for cheap pho.

                            Indo Kitchen (in Ahambra) for chicken sate and chicken wings.

                            Tonny's (in Pasadena) for Mexican.

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                              We went to Tonny's last night and their Chile Verde was absolutely OUT OF THIS WORLD.... Great rec... :)


                            2. - alejo's on washington and lincoln
                              - asaya on culver at braddock: not that hole-in-the-wall-y, which is to say it's spacious, and does have a slight bit of cozy ambiance (in the form of deep dedication to a *cat* theme in the decor.. heheh), but it is in a strip mall, and it's very very cheap: most bowls (various udon, soba, ten don, teriyaki bowl, etc.) are around $3-4
                              - ilosbuqueno - i think this is the hole-in-the-walliest place i've ever been in LA. it's a tiny salvadorean place on melrose around western-ish. i'm pretty sure i have the name wrong (i always get it wrong!), but it's close to that. good solid food, friendly, great breakfast.