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Going for lunch on Sat in Chestnut Hill


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  1. Aquitaine Bis? The Met Club is also open for lunch these days

    1. I am not sure what your plans are but the BC football game is home tomorrow vs. Maryland at noon. Its going to be pretty trafficy at noon and then again at 3pm. I would choose a place with a parking lot or valet parking. Newton Center might be a good bet if you are able to avoid the area.

      1. Met Club, Aquitaine are good suggestions. Also there is a Legal on Route 9 and in the Chestnut HIll MAll up the STreet is Bernard's - very good (although maybe not"authentic")chinese food and PappaRazzi for Italian.

        1. All good suggestions. What about Oishi? It might be a great time to go.

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              I believe Oishii is open for lunch on weekends, but not until 1.

          1. What do you have a taste for? What would you like to spend?

            1. La Rotisserie is really tasty. I have not been in a while, i hope it is still there! Also 2nd Bernard's for americanized chinese done really well.

              papparazzi? Yuck! Overpriced version of olivegarden.

              1. La Rotisserie is great. I would also recommend Johnny's in Newton Center for good, basic food. Do you want more high-brow than that? Legal Sea foods never lets me down. Depends what you're in the mood for.

                1. Thanks for the reminder about BC. We have adventureous taste and don't mind splurging.

                  1. If you're looking for something special I'll suggest Pava in Newton Centre:


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                      Thank you steinpitz. We had a wonderful lunch at Pava. Susan Regis's food was extraordinary. Tagliatele, delicious pizza verde, great wine. Thanks for the reommendation.

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                        Great, I'm glad that you liked it, sure was a beautiful day today. I walked by Pava last night and it was packed, was it busy for lunch?