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Nov 17, 2006 12:08 AM

indiana 70 then 74 Pork tenderloin search

I have been really reviewing the pork tenderloin posts and have not always been able to tell where the places are without map questing everything. Anyway I am crossing indiana on 70 from Columbus and hitting 74 at Indianapolis (ending up in a small, somewhat tired IL town beyond Peoria that shall remain nameless). I have a great affection for fried pork tenderloin sandwiches which I cannot find in Cleveland. Any along this route in Indiana? thanks!

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  1. Good spot in Indy very easy to do from I-70 called "The Ice House". Take West Street exit, go south and it's a couple of miles down on the right hand side. Probably less than 5 minutes off the expressway. No website that I can find, but google for some info...

    1. cool and thanks. is this the correct Ice house?
      Ice House Tavern
      1550 Walnut St
      New Castle, IN 47362

      1. no, try
        2352 S West St
        Indianapolis, IN 46225
        (317) 788-7075
        I did a google search for "ice house" indianapolis...there's a few reviews you should find links to

        1. Lyn,

          You will come across Indianapolis on I-70 and then take I-465 north to the beginning of I-74 in Speedway. When you reach that intersection you could divert a few blocks east on Crawfordsville Rd in Speedway and stop at Grindstone Charleys or the Union Jack. Both are right there. Or you could go about a mile and a half further east and stop at Brickyard Crossing on 16th St. at the Indianapols 500 Motor Speedway and dine in the Flag Room. Of the three Grindstone Charleys is the best IMO. You could also drive west on I-74 about 7 miles to exit 66 and drop down to Brownsburg and try the Green Street Pub. It comes highly recommended. Those are easy places to find off the freeway as you pass through. Some of these places are pictured on my web site so you can judge for yourself.

          1. wow thanks to you both for the suggestions. Davydd,I love your site. I have seen it before and drooled over it. The pic of the one at grindstone charleys looks great. -although I am intrigued by the green st. pub as it is an unknown. If I go I will make sure and report back.