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indiana 70 then 74 Pork tenderloin search

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I have been really reviewing the pork tenderloin posts and have not always been able to tell where the places are without map questing everything. Anyway I am crossing indiana on 70 from Columbus and hitting 74 at Indianapolis (ending up in a small, somewhat tired IL town beyond Peoria that shall remain nameless). I have a great affection for fried pork tenderloin sandwiches which I cannot find in Cleveland. Any along this route in Indiana? thanks!

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  1. Good spot in Indy very easy to do from I-70 called "The Ice House". Take West Street exit, go south and it's a couple of miles down on the right hand side. Probably less than 5 minutes off the expressway. No website that I can find, but google for some info...

    1. cool and thanks. is this the correct Ice house?
      Ice House Tavern
      1550 Walnut St
      New Castle, IN 47362

      1. no, try
        2352 S West St
        Indianapolis, IN 46225
        (317) 788-7075
        I did a google search for "ice house" indianapolis...there's a few reviews you should find links to

        1. Lyn,

          You will come across Indianapolis on I-70 and then take I-465 north to the beginning of I-74 in Speedway. When you reach that intersection you could divert a few blocks east on Crawfordsville Rd in Speedway and stop at Grindstone Charleys or the Union Jack. Both are right there. Or you could go about a mile and a half further east and stop at Brickyard Crossing on 16th St. at the Indianapols 500 Motor Speedway and dine in the Flag Room. Of the three Grindstone Charleys is the best IMO. You could also drive west on I-74 about 7 miles to exit 66 and drop down to Brownsburg and try the Green Street Pub. It comes highly recommended. Those are easy places to find off the freeway as you pass through. Some of these places are pictured on my web site so you can judge for yourself.


          1. wow thanks to you both for the suggestions. Davydd,I love your site. I have seen it before and drooled over it. The pic of the one at grindstone charleys looks great. -although I am intrigued by the green st. pub as it is an unknown. If I go I will make sure and report back.

            1. Lyn,

              I plan on trying to visit the Green Street Pub next May because a local in Indianapolis on Trackforum.com who has been to them all rates it the best and I am taking his word on it until I visit. I have been to the Union Jack, Grindstone Charleys and Brickyard Crossing (but I have no picture) and can assure you that you would be satisfied at those three. I suggest them because if you are passing through they are all easy to find. The Ice House would not be so easy to find if you are not familiar with Indy. There are several others to recommend but they will take you way out of your way.

              1. The Nickel Plate in Fishers,IN also has an excellent breaded tenderloin. When coming into INDY on I-70 go north on I-465(Indy beltway) to the I-69 exit north. Go to the 2nd exit, Fishers, then turn left(west) at the exit approximately 1/2 mile to the Nickel Plate. It will be on the right side, next to the railroad. It is just a 10 minute detour from I-465.

                1. The Nickel Plate was Indy Men's Magazine's best breaded pork tenderloin sandwich winner in 2005 when they had a quasi tournament like eat down starting with 64 restaurants. However, if you are driving straight through on I-70 west to I-74 it is a bit out of the way in not only being 10 minutes off the freeway but also requires you to take the beltway north, west and south again to get to I-74.

                  My personal rating would put Muldoon's in Carmel and The Red Onion in Sheridan above the Nickel Plate on the north side (but not by a lot). They are all good. Since my grandfather was a conductor on the Nickel Plate RR and had his own red caboose I probably should be partial to them. :)

                  1. I am leaving this week and will report back!

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                      Alright. If you haven't left yet and you're looking for something right off I-70...my all time favorite pork tenderloin is at Bourbon Street Distillary in downtown Indy. You get off of I-70 at West Street and head north. Take a left on Indiana and it will be a couple blocks down on a weird 6 street intersection. REALLY good tenderloin. Best I have ever had.

                    2. well I should give my report, no? We ended up trying the Bourbon Street Distillary. Slight modifcaiton in directions (RT on Indiana)Anyhow this was an awesome sandwich. However I think I have a preference for the super thin and crispy tenderloin found in diners. This sandwich was HUGE, but also thick, more than an inch. The coating was kind of like a fried chicken sandwich, rather than the cracker crumb of some older style tenderloins. Anyway a great sandwich, although purists may scoff due to thickness and coating. The fries were great too BTW. I liked the bar they were served in -interesting local place right down town in the shadow of the capital building. I believe these came in at around $7-8 a piece.

                      The next tenderloin was at grays sandwich shop on Main Street in Galesburg IL. An old factory worker lunch place. The factories are long gone, but the place remains. This was heaven me. The terrific sandwich was about $2.40. Thin, crispy, on a hamburger bun with pickle, mustard and kethup. I took a picture, maybe I send it to Davvyd if it came out.

                      On the way home, on the highway, stopped at Culvers (a fast food chain). these are ok, better than any other fast food on the route, but not anywhere as good as the Grays one.

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                        The Bourbon Street Distillery is on my short list when I make my annual Indy trip in May. I've generally heard good reviews of that place by the locals. They way you describe it is the way I like it. Thin and crispy to me tend to be too dry. But if you like that kind, Joensy's in Solon, Iowa is just that if you ever go that far. It is just north of Iowa City.

                        1. re: Davydd

                          if you dont like thin and crispy, then Bourbon St is for you. thick and juicy (but crispy too!). Like I said the sandwich is great, but I like the flat diner-y ones. The bourbon st one was actually "upscale" in this category. The thing was huge...maybe a lb of meat?

                          1. re: lyn

                            lyn, as you know I am eventually going to try them all. :) The St. Olaf Tap in Iowa advertises theirs at 16 oz. as the "World's Largest". Joesny's says theirs is the "Biggest" so I can't wait to see how the Bourbon Street Distillery compares. The Red Onion in Sheridan, IN was of good size as was Muldoon's in Carmel and Billy O'Neal's in Indianapolis Chapel Hill. But none of them were close to St. Olaf's. I have my eyes on some super large pork tenderloins at the Lunds Grocery up the road from my house. it is nearing time for my annual holiday home tenderloin.

                            1. re: Davydd

                              ok kids, headed by here again, anything new and noteworthy?

                              This is a 10 hour trip for us so closer to the highway the better. Dives welcome too

                              Davvydd I am having trouble getting around your website- everything ok?

                              I am thinking for making tenderloin sliders for a progressive tapas party and want to check out your mini tenderloin recipe

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                                I've had some known problems with Firefox but I believe I have them corrected. I just checked and the web pages come up OK for me.

                                I should update. On I-74 west of Indianapolis in Brownsburg right on the interchange is Green Street Pub and they have an outstanding tenderloin.

                                1. re: Davydd

                                  crud....a few hours too late. I was able to access your site - my computer must have been having a bad day.

                                  We ended up at Mayberry Cafe in Danville, IL. It was a pretty decent sandwich I must say.

                                  on the trip over on 80 we had the obligatory tenderloin at Culvers. For fast food, they are better than any other highway choices out there.

                                  in Macomb, IL I had one at Student Prince East. It was just fine, a very typical diner speciman

                                  1. re: lyn

                                    Mayberry is acceptable. We had one there and managed to watch a commercial free episode of the Andy Griffith show.

                                    If traveling west on I-80 just west of Iowa City is the tiny town of Oxford and the Augustana Restaurant. The Augustana Restaurant was the recipient of the Iowa Pork Producers Association 2008 best pork tenderloin sandwich award. If you are anywhere near it is a must stop.

                                    Here is my report on the Augustana Restaurant tenderloin as well as the previous winners.