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Nov 16, 2006 11:59 PM

Great grilled cheese sandwich

On these cold and wet days, I want basic food -- a cup of hot soup and a really good grilled cheese sandwich. Who offers a great grilled cheese?

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  1. Eisenberg's Sandwich Shop
    174 5th Ave (22nd/23rd St)
    Phone: 212-675-5096
    Fax: 212-675-0276

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      I'll agree to that one - plus the atmosphere alone is enough reason to go. Tunafish is great too :-) Have an egg cream while you're there!

    2. Although they don't have any soup, Bar 89 in SoHo has a GREAT grilled cheese sandwich! Served with fries, veggies and fruit. And they have great bacon if you want that on it.

      1. Tiny's giant sandwich shop. 129 Rivington Street.

        1. I love them at the coffee shop on w. 12th and 6th ave, Joe Jrs. If you order with tomatoes, they grill the tomatoes before they put them on to the sandwich... mmm. I want one now.

          1. I loved the grilled cheese and tomato soup (they come together) at the Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Center. The sandwich was made on buttery brioche and the soup was delicious - HIGHLY recommended!

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            1. re: sadie

              Is this served only in the sit down part or can you get it at the counter?