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Nov 16, 2006 11:38 PM

Dinner Around Jenner

Any idea for a nice romantic dinner in the Jenner/Guerneville area? I am looking for something mainly vegie if possible.


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  1. If Indian food interests you, there is a good Indian restaurant on the south side of the Highway 1 bridge that crosses over the Russian River just below Jenner. The restaurant has a nice view looking out over the river, but I cannot vouch for how romantic the atmosphere is inside.

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      Here's a link to a recent report on the Sizzling Tandoor in Jenner -

    2. Indian food, sound perfect. I assume that they have plenty of vegie dishes.

      1. The other place you might want to check out is Seaweed Cafe in Bodega Bay. It has at least one vegetarian app and one entree, plus other small plates, and can alter other dishes. The cooking is quite creative here incorporating sea vegetables, and the chef/owner loves working with grains, such as quinoa, pashofa, couscous, so might be more interesting than other places that offer up a plate of steamed veggies. If you check the search engine, you'll find many posts on it.

        1. River End is nice, great view for sunset and the food is good.