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Nov 16, 2006 11:37 PM

Museum of the Moving Image

Going there this Saturday. Where do you eat?!?



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  1. A range of options around there. Are you doing lunch or dinner, quick and dirty or going all out? If you're up to splurge a bit, Greek Captain on 36th Ave. and I think 33rd Street has some great seafood - love that broil combo. Arharn Thai, also on 36th ave. by Greek Captain (a bit closer to 31st Street), is no Sripraphai, but it does its job as a decent run-of-the-mill Thai place. S'Agapo on 34th Ave. and 35th. Street has tasty Greek fare, but a bit pricey for not a ton of food. There are also some Brasilian spots that I haven't yet tried but hear good things about -- Malagueta on 36th Ave. (28th St.) gets rave reviews, and people like the casual cafeteria-style places (also 36th Ave., other side of N stop). Broadway, up two (long) blocks, also has great stuff -- a recent post that might be helpful: .
    Good luck and hope you enjoy!

    1. Easy one - Sarajevo Cebabdzinica for some good Bosnian, drinks afterwards at the CafeBar.

      1. S'agapo is excellent Greek food and only one block away.