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Favorite restaurant after dinner candy [moved from Southwest board]

So I was at a Sushi restaurant tonight (in Baltimore), and with my check, they brought me this Green Tea Hard Candy (it was the single most intense Green Tea Taste I have ever experienced).

It got me thinking, the after dinner treat, for me, really adds to the experience at a restaurant. It may not be the most important reason for going to a particular establishment, but it certainly influences the overall experience (who doesn't like a sweet treat for free?).

It got me thinking about some of my favorite restaurant treats. Certainly one of them is Del Frisco's giant bowl of jelly beans. I also like the Andee's Thin Mints (although I can't think of where I have had them lately, maybe the Broker?).

What are your favorite restaurant treats?

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  1. Evvia in Palo Alto, CA, a greek restaurant, has these hard licorice candies wrapped in red cellophane. I didn't like licorice until I tried those... and I have yet to find hard (as opposed to chewy) licorice ANYWHERE else.

    1. Rain, an SEA fusion restaurant in NYC, has soft, chewy, mildly hot ginger candies that are seriously addictive if you're a ginger lover.

      1. I like the hard ouzo candies from some Greek places, also enjoy the fennel seed mixture they give sometimes at Indian restaurants. Don't like nasty fruit hard candies because for some reason I eat them even though I don't like them.

        1. Good old fashioned dinner mints. The pastel colored or white ones that are shaped sort of like a lumpy little square pillow, a little powdery, and melt in your mouth. I know, not refined, but I love them.

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            I agree -- those things are addictive. You don't see them much anymore, although I seem to recall that Ruth's Chris hands them out in little packages, but don't quote me on that.

          2. kinkaids in d.c. and colvin run tavern in tyson corner, va.. both have these wonderful mint candy straws coated with dark choc.i tracked them down and keep a supply at home!

            1. I like the candy coated fennel seeds offered at Indian restaurants.

              1. Ditto on the candied fennel seeds - I love these things!

                Another favorite: Pandan candy. A local Pho restaurant used to give out these green, chewy delights - perfect after a big bowl of Vietnamese soup. (Unfortunately, they've now switched to American peppermints.)


                1. Oh, we can't forget Starlight mints, that get all sorts of wonderful holes in them as you suck them. And our local Greek restaurant gives out sesame candies that are just barely chewable, and delicious.

                  1. Many korean restaurants will give a piece of minty gum with the check because the meal is so overpowering (sensory-wise).

                    I think Olive Garden gives andee mints...that just might be the best part of a meal there.

                    I like the colorfully wrapped potpourri Italian mints served at Italian restos -- you can also get them at TJs.

                    1. When you order the tasting menu at Rosemary's, a very nice Southern restaurant in Las Vegas (well away from the Strip), you get two plates for dessert, each with at least three different items. Then comes the after-dinner treat: a selection of four or five chocolates, cookies, candies, etc., that, to my taste, is superior to the desserts. The next time I go I plan to skip dessert in favor of several servings of those little treats.

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                        Those remind me of petit fours at French restaurants. Sona, Providence, LaCachette, and L'Orangerie in LA have some of my favorites.

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                          My favorite at French restaurants are the balls of semi-sweet chocolate mixed with broken hazelnuts and rolled in lightly sweetened cocoa powder. NASA recently acknowledged that rovers Spirit and Opportunity have found this luscious treat even on Mars, so it may be a universal concept.

                      2. When I lived in Chicago, Flukey's hot-dog stand used to hand out red-hot-shaped bubble gum for post-dog relaxation, and it was really, er, interesting.

                        1. Nordstrom Cafe gives out those reception sticks (I think that's what they're called), the long thin peppermint flavored candy sticks that are half-covered in chocolate. And they usually give a out more than one a diner!

                          1. this isn't candy per se, but I've been to a small handful of Chinese and Korean restaurants that deliver a dish of candied sweet potato with toothpicks to spear them with and eat like a little lollipop. so good!

                            1. A local place gives out tamarind and passion fruit candies. Everything they make is good except sometimes their desserts are a let down (not living up to their descriptions) and these candies always make up for it.