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Quince jelly?

anyone know where to get quince jelly or jam in the Bay Area? I've never had it before.

Edit: East Bay is better for me, but willing to travel for some.

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  1. Whole Foods on 4th Street has it, by the cheese counter.

    1. Most good cheese stores will carry some. I've seen it at 24th Street Cheese Co in my neighborhood. Where are you located? Perhaps there is a more convenient source near you.

      1. cowgirl creamery in the ferry building sells wonderful quince paste.

        1. My favorite is the Hero brand from Switzerland. I know they sell them at Andronico's.

          1. The Cheeseboard in Berkeley sells membrillo. (quince paste)

            1. Ask for Membrillo or Quince Paste. Any Spanish foods store or repotable cheese store should have it.

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                Quince jam and jelly are not the same consistency as Spanish membrillo or paste. The paste is not spreadable and needs to be cut with a knife.

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                  The paste (dulce de membrillo) is different, but I've also seen lots of quince jelly (mermelada de membrillo) in stores here in SF. Most Mexican, Central or South American stores should have some in their jelly section. Probably not as good as the stuff mentioned above in cheese shops, but it's cheap. Just look in the jelly section and look for the word 'membrillo'

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                    I just mentioned that since the OP asked for jelly or jam.

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                      Do you know of any places that make homemade dulce de membrillo? I'd love to find some non-packaged versions....I've noticed quinces a few times at stores and markets recently, so maybe someplace out there is making it.

                      Dave MP

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                        You might want to check out Chico's produce in the Excelsior on Mission Street or Casa Lucas. They might sell them in blocks that they cut off - worth a try if you're on 24th St. My mom makes her own version though. I don't think it's too difficult to make, although the consistency of her version is never like the Spanish version since it's a bit more mushy.

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                          I used to be able to buy homemade quince and homemade guava paste at La Palma. It's in the countertop case by the cash register with the candied fruit. But the last few times I've tried to buy some, it hasn't been available. The texture has more fibers in it, I suspect it's not filtered.

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                            La Palma is close to my house....I'll check it out this weekend and report back. I'll also check Chico's Produce and Casa Lucas. Thanks!

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                              If SF is like the East Bay, almost every Mexican market will carry it. I don't remember the name, but there is the same company that supplies about half of the markets.

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                                I asked about dulce de membrillo at La Palma yesterday and like Melanie said, they didn't have it. They suggested the store down the street, but I didn't go and ask.

                                Dave MP

                  2. If the OP is truly looking for quince jelly and not paste, they should check out Cowgirl Creamery, they are currently carrying Lou Lou's Garden Quince and Crab Apple Jelly.
                    June Taylor more than likely has some sort of quince jelly, this is what I'd go for.

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                      June Taylor has both a quince paste and a membrillo type thicker concoction.