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Nov 16, 2006 10:27 PM

Chow in Lake City

A friend has visitors cominng from LA and hopes to find a casual, chowish spot in Lake City or other North End.
The only recollection I have is a note to myself to try Baker's someday. Any advice from Chowhound I can pass along. Economy is not so important as food and comfortable scene. He's taking his 5th grade teacher (he's over 50, so his teacher is likely elderly) to dinner with sons and daughters, etc. LC's was OK, but I'm hoping for more...

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  1. I highly recommend Judy Fu's. Don't miss the dumplings and their salt & pepper chicken.

    1. I haven't been but on my list to try is an indian restaurant called Anita's Bistro. I've heard good things about it.

      1. Nancy Leson gave this Chinese restaurant a great write-up:

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          Tried Yu Shan as reviewed by Nancy Leson. The "house little steamed buns with broth" have no broth to speak of, and (despite what the restaurant calls them) bear no resemblance to xiao long bao. The soy bean milk (doh jian) is very good if you like the thick curd-y style, the fried crullers which go with it (yio tiao) are fair (not as good as Noble Court). Fish in wine sauce is so so.

        2. Barleywino--

          Thanks for taking one for the team! Will still check out Yu Shan sometime, but won't put it at the top of the list.

          1. Recently moved to this area, and have been most happy with LC's Kitchen (Lake City Way and 80thish) and Saltoro (140thish and Greenwood). If you do LC's, I would recommend takeout. Am also addicted to the Won Ton soup at Chang Thai, which we usually order with the "Mix Appetizer".