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Nov 16, 2006 10:25 PM

Santa Monica- quiet-ish wine bar type of place?

Is there a place in Santa Monica where one can have a glass of wine and a snack and which won't be super noisy around 7PM on a weekend night? bonus if parking is easy.


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  1. That sounds like a description of the back bar area (if memory serves) in the back dining room of Josie Restaurant (on Pico, in Santa Monica). Quiet, easy parking, great apps and wine...

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    1. re: silence9

      Actually, it's quite loud back there. Last time I was there, we sat at the bar in the back and the entire restaurant, including the back area, was really noisy. It depends on what night you go, and that was a Friday.

    2. Bodega Wine Bar (Broadway and Lincoln)

      Air Conditioned (Pico and Stewart)

      Both places are quiet, dark wine bars. Bodega has a limited menu and Air Conditioned only has a cheese plate option.

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      1. re: poppasmiths

        Air Conditioned has a DJ spinning with dancing at the weekends. It's about as loud as you can get!

      2. Actually, the Bar / Restaurant at the Fairmont Hotel (Wilshire & Ocean) is perfect for that objective... very pleasant patio & the drinks / wine list is very respectable.

        1. Broadway Deli (Third and Broadway) has a small wine bar. I think it fits all of your requests.

          The wine-by-the-glass list rotates weekly and always has some good choices. Wines are also available in tasting flights (whites or reds).

          Food options are mostly lousy, but you can always get a decent cheese plate. You don't need to limit your choices to what's printed on the cheese board. Just go up to the deli case and make a list of what you want. I usually order a mix of cheeses, Salami and Proscuitto.

          I'm there with my wife (and a small group of regulars) most every Friday night. Say hi if you drop in.

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          1. re: JimN

            I am fascinated by Broadway Deli. While the food is not spectacular, the place is so many great things rolled into one. Is it a restaurant, a diner, a wine bar, a delicatessen? I like the meats and cheeses too, as well as the cured/smoked fish and some of the baked goods. The menu items, as you mentioned leave much to be desired - but you've got to love a place that covers so many bases!

            1. re: hrhboo

              Hi... I too like the Broadway Deli, but consider myself in the minority (particularly on this board). Enjoyed their upscale meatloaf and mashed potatoes and creamed spinach and martinis at the bar. But as per the OP's requests, never considered that room anywhere near quiet, and other than valet, parking always seems a hassle in the Land Of The 30-Minute Parking Meter known as downtown Santa Monica...

              1. re: silence9

                Huh? I only go there on Friday nights and I sit at the wine bar. The dining room is often at capacity, as there are people waiting for tables. Still, I can't think of a quieter wine bar in town. I really dislike noisy rooms, so I'm pretty sensitive to this topic. Maybe the main bar is noisier since it's closer to the dining room. As for the wine bar, I have no problem carrying on a conversation with someone at the complete opposite end of the bar. I think it's plenty quiet.

                There are at least two big parking structures less than a block from Broadway Deli. There are also free places to park if you're willing to walk two blocks and ignore the "Customer Parking Only, All Others Will Be Towed" signs. I'm talking about businesses that are closed in the evenings.

                1. re: JimN

                  Hey, glad to hear that things are quiet there these days. Just wasn't my experience... As for the parking issue, your suggestions sound very feasable, but not what I think of as 'easy', as per the OP. Schleping to and from (and up and down) those parking structures with a wine buzz on is not my idea of easy livin' :-). And I consider the cross-streets of 4th and Broadway to be the nexus of traffic insanity (and the chaotic traffic-patrol persons gersticulating wildly in the intersections to be more a hindrance than help)...

                  1. re: silence9

                    Parking is an eternal problem. I have a hip, green and safe solution -- take the Bib Blue Bus. Several routes pass nearby, The Pico Bus, The Lincoln Bus, The Ocean Park Bus, The Santa Monica Bus and the along-the-ocean to Venice Bus. If you go Metro you an choose from the Venice, Santa Monica or Wilshire Buses.

                    (These are resp, respectively: BBB 7, 3, 8, 1, 2 and Metro 33/333, 4/704 and 720/(20 late-night] - for your convenience the Metro buses are all 24 hour.)

                    I lived in Holland and after dinner the buses were full of well-scrubbed dressed people out to party. I take the bus and have found it safe. Yes it takes longer. And you never get a ticket. It's a hoot. I always carry a camera with me. One more bonus, you get a "free" glass of wine! (compared to driving costs). The laughs that come with it are N/C.