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Citrus-Chapel Hill

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I just wanted to let folks know that the old Crazy Mae's in Southern Village recently reopened as Citrus, a breakfast and lunch spot. The room and menu are both rather elegant. I've had lunch there, but not breakfast. Food was very good, but I thought the portions and the prices were not in agreement (small, pricey). I'll be back for breakfast--they have salmon hash and some really decadent sounding omelets on the menu...

Anyone been there? opinions?

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  1. I agree. Both lunch and breakfast are very good, but quite spendy for a regular eatery. Took the family there for breakfast and it was $40. Elmo's isn't nearly as good, but we can get out on a weekend for < $25. I hope they make it, but would love to see some daily specials for breakfast and lunch that are in the < $5 range.

    1. A small group (5) went to Citrus yesterday for breakfast at 10:15. We were told we would have a 30 minute wait. Fine. 90 minutes later, they were finally clearing a table for us. What was more disappointing than the wait was that the owner/host didn't seem to be concerned that his initial estimate had more than tripled, he never offered us even a cup of coffee while we were waiting. Parties of four kept getting seated right and left; we suggested that we could be squeezed into a four-top and that suggestion was rebuffed: "We'll be seating you shortly." Shortly turned out to be another 40 minutes.

      The food was good, generous portions, but nothing came out at the same time. I can't say I'll go back, however. I really feel like the owner dropped the ball with us. However, the restaurant was doing very brisk business so I doubt the loss of business of 5 people is going to make him lose any sleep.

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        5 people is one thing ... the rest of us Chowhounds deciding not to go is another. I don't have 90 minutes to sit around waiting for a table (that seems really excessive), and I sure don't want the food coming out at different times. I had been interested in trying this place, but I have to say, your post has changed my mind.

      2. My family and I had an awful lunch there. They forgot to give us their all-day breakfast menu, even though my sister told the waiter that she was vegetarian, so we all got salads. When we asked for the menus that other tables were getting, the waiter was rude and rushed us to place a different order if we were going to. The salads were not at all fresh, sort of slimy and yellow greens. They had no vegetables to them as the menu had described, and were just mountains of greens. The bread was stale and dry. No one ever gave us water. And to top it off, it was incredibly expensive. We literally had to go get other food afterwards. It was pretty empty for a work-week lunch when we were there--I think they've gone downhill since earlier posts.

        1. Had breakfast there and the huevo rancheros were the best...and we spent 28 years in Texas...the salsa was fresh...it was great...went back for lunch...the paninis were not grilled and skinny as we expected...the chipolte bbq sauce was good...fries were generous (could have shared)...space is very well done and pleasant and service was great...the acoustics, when busy, was distracting...all said, we will be back for more huevos!

          1. Oh, my, is that space doomed, or what? My office had a celebratory lunch there, and it was just terrible. The food took forever, the fries were oversalted, there was no acknowledgment we waited 40 minutes for what seemed to be simple lunches (the most complicated was pan-fried trout with haricots verts), and worst, the food was no better than I could have made myself at home for much less money. It's a shame too -- it would be a nice place to walk from our office in Southern Village for a relaxing lunch. Crazy Mae's had terrible service, but at least the food was good!

            1. Just had lunch there with my mother, do not recommend. First, I called to make reservations, and was told that you must "call the day before the event." Confused, I thought he might assume I was trying to sign up for a special wine dinner or catered event, and repeated that I just wanted a lunch rez. He haughtily tolld me that it's standard procedure in the restaurant business to call the day before, but he'd put us on the waiting list. Isn't that interesting -- in 30 years of living in NYC, LA, and SF, I hadn't heard this lore that was apparently well known in my little southern hometown. Already I could tell it wasn't good. My mom is 86, uses a walker, and is totally lucid and hardy, but we aren't into long waits. Indeed we arrived to no handicapped parking, and once we got inside, no apparent record of our "wait-list." It didn't take too long though, and we were seated. The food was dreadful, at least what we ordered. I had the baked eggs, which had been exposed to heat for so long they were petrified. And I like runny yolks. I mean, the spinach, cream cheese, cheddar, stringy ham, and yolks, had been solidified by nuclear fission and were nearly impossible to hack away at with a fork -- a fair percentage of the tar stayed stuck to the edges of the ramekin. My mom's basic breakfast was overcooked and blah. On the plus side, the service was terrific and cheerful, and the decor was in lovely shades of lime, lemon and orange -- although the plastic potted lemon plants are truly cheesy. But the noise level puts even those of us without hearing loss at a loss. Very frustrating to try and converse in this loud room with high, un-modified ceilings. Some fabric or acoustic material in the room would really help, as would some kind of nod towards taking reservations the same day. We will definitely not return. It just seems like this "family" establishment is struggling with their needs and wants, and not taking their diners' into consideration too much. There are just too many wonderful restaurants in Chapel Hill and Carrboro to bother with this one, unless they get their noise, seating, and food act together. Sounds like a tall order.