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Nov 16, 2006 09:29 PM

Lunch in miami

My parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary and we are taking them to the Florida Grand Opera in Miami (1200 Coral Way). Does anyone know of a good restaurant for lunch that is not too far from there? We will be driving down from Delray Beach for the matinee, and wanted to take them to nice place before the opera‚Äďa good fish place would be ideal. Thanks for any help-

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  1. I have not been, but friends have raved about Romeo's Cafe which is around 22nd Ave. and Coral Way. Italian, no set menu, the chef comes out and asks what everyone likes, then goes back and makes something (3 dishes at lunch, 6 at dinner).

    There's also a charming little place called Old Lisbon around 17th and Coral Way. Being Portugese there's lots of fish and seafood. Pretty sure they are open for lunch.

    You're also pretty close to the Gables where there's a plethora of choices. Some that are particularly good:

    Pascal's on Ponce - French. Classy but unstuffy place, very good food, nice lunch. Probably a very good choice for what you're looking for.

    Ortanique - nuevo-Caribbean. Excellent, but may be a little exotic for your parents unless they're adventurous eaters.

    Cacao - nuevo-Latino. Also very good, but may be too "weird".

    These are all within 10 minutes of the Opera, barring obscene traffic.

    1. Florida Grand Opera is presented at the Carnival Center at Biscayne and 14th St. Their business offices are located on Coral Way. We love River Oyster Bar at 650 S. Miami Ave. which is 10 minutes away from the Carnival Center. Bayside has Los Ranchos for cuisine from Nicaragua. Tony Chan's Water Club is two blocks away. Have not tried it myself but it is within walking distance.

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        thanks- I am from out of state and have never been to Miami, so I was misled by the address on the Opera web site. I appreciate the suggestions!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. River is one of my favorites as well. Miss saigon is an option and is very good as well. I also like tutto pasta/pizza. If I am not mistaken, mortons is open for lunch too.

          If you want special, I would go with river, then mortons.

          There is no lunch at romeos cafe.

          I would not drive to sobe unless you want to spend more time in sobe than just lunch. I don't believe that Escopazzo is open for lunch btw.

          1. Good save on the location. We're talking downtown and Biscayne then to be close, not Coral Way and the Gables.

            My favorite downtown is probably Capital Grille (yes, it's a chain, no, I don't love pitching chains, but yes, I still like it a lot anyway). Steakhouse but they also have a good selection of fish and seafood. Probably a broader selection than Morton's and a little more elegant too, compared to Morton's which is more a traditional steakhouse (though I like Morton's too).

            Tony Chan's is very good, although I haven't been in a couple years, and very close to the Carnival Center.

            Also reasonably close is Azul in the Mandarin on Brickell Key, haven't been since celeb chef Michelle Bernstein left but it's still probably good and the view is very nice.

            Since we're not seeking proximity to Coral Way, the Romeo's discussion becomes moot, but tpigeon, both the Romeo's website and the Zagat profile say Romeo's is open for lunch. What gives?

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              Umm, what gives is that I am not too bright and made a bold assumption without actually taking the time to look. I thought because they do individual 6 course meals that they would only do dinners because it would amount to a 3hr lunch. I was obviously wrong and I apologize and promise next time to look before I leap.

              I forgot Tony Chan's this time :).

              As far as CG vs Mortons I am in the opposite corner and give mortons the edge but I do agree that CG is nicer.

              Azul and Sambal are probably both great options but I have not been to either in a while but the spaces are beautiful for sure and would make a special occasion lunch regardless.