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Crab Prices??

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Has anyone seen any local crabs at the market yet? If so, at what price.

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  1. At the ferry building today it was about $8 a pound for whole cooked in the shell and $22 for lump meat.

    1. I should have specified...Live, local crabs.

      1. Chron said yesterday consumer prices will average $5 a pound.


        1. Are crabs available in Oakland Chinatown yet?

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            Live crabs are available in Oakland Chinatown year-round.

            Trying to figure out which are local could be a challenge.

          2. Yesterday (Wednesday) I noted $5 a pound, out of the live tanks, at Marina Market on Newark (x Hillsdale Ave.) in San Mateo. I'd expect to pay nominally more for cooked. I'm thinking of taking Sushi Monster III on a little field trip out to Princeton to the docks this weekend.

            1. OK. I was able to keep temptation at bay for 24 hours at least. But being unable to wait to drive out to Princeton harbor on Saturday, I went to Cook's Seafood in Menlo Park. A very reasonable $6.99/lb. for cooked and cracked Dungeness. I picked up two for $30. With a nice sauvignon blanc and some sourdough, I'm in seriously good shape at the moment. Sushi Monster III also had some and pronounced it to be very good.

              1. Live Crabs are $2.99 a pound in Oakland Chinatown at the fish markets along 8th Street between Webster and Franklin. These are the new local catch because the tanks were empty on Wednesday. The crabs were $3.75 this morning from the local fisherman stand at the Old Oakland (Friday) Farmer's Market on 9th Street. I bought two at the farmer's market that wee both over 2 pounds.

                1. Monterey Fish was $5 (.50 more for cooked), cracking/cleaning no add'l charge on the cooked. By the time I got there, the largest seemed to have been gone for the day - mine was 1.5 lbs and very tasty.

                  1. $2.99 a pound at Ranch 99 all over the Bay Area. The crabs are only about 2 lbs, tho...

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                      I was just at R99 in Foster City this afternoon. Crabs $4.99 lb. and I didn't think they were the local crabs yet, the tank wasn't really full and the crabs looked pretty small. I asked if they were getting any local crabs, maybe tomorrow he said.

                    2. I bought a cooked/cracked crab at Berkeley Bowl today. It was pretty puny but I couldn't help myself. I can't read the label cause it got wet and ripped, but it was $8something for the crab. I'm actually glad I got it because we had crab salad with Acme pain d'epis from the main store and the crab was really tasty and delicious.

                      1. I just got back from Oakland Chinatown where I picked up three crabs for about $3.00 a pound(price wasn't listed). But the crabs totaled about 6.8 pounds and I paid a little over $20. These guys looked local and fresh. They were large(over two pounds) and had all of their appendages intact(no missing claws). I got lucky because I happened to be there when they were dumping in the new crabs into the tank.

                        1. Just got back from 99 Ranch in Foster City. $2.99/lb for live ones, bought a 2 pounder. They arrived yesterday.

                          1. It's $2.99/lb for live crab at Lion Market in Fremont near Mission Blvd. The sign mentioned local crab.

                            1. Purchased straight off the boat in HMB today they were $4.00 a lb.
                              There are several boat owners we try to purchase from, but all of them were still out crabbing, so we went to someone we have been to only a couple of times.
                              When we asked how the season looked the comment was "it looks short, the crabs are not big for this early in the year."

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                                hi tomritza,
                                i'd like to buy some crabs right off of the boat too. where in half moon bay can you do this and what's the best time to go in your experience?

                              2. $2.99/lb at Newark Ranch 99, bought two 2 pounders.

                                1. Sun Fat on Mission at 23rd had live local Dungeness for $2.99/lb.
                                  on Saturday - we got a 2 pounder.

                                  1. By Wed. Crab prices at 99 and other Chinese markets will be $3.99 - $4.99. They tend to raise their prices just before Thanksgiving.

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                                      New May Wah on Clement Street between 8~9th Ave. has crab at $3.99 lb. now. Down the street on the next block...east - it's $2.99 lb. but they are much smaller.

                                    2. Just go to the harbor at Pillar Point (about 3 miles north of Highway 92 on Highway 1. Walk out on the pier and see who is selling. We have our favorites boats just to develop relationships but they are all good. Sunday morning there were about 5 boats selling and lots of em out getting more. Late morning/early afternoon is best. If the weather has been rough they may not be able to get out but the weather being what its been, that has not been an issue.

                                      1. Today, live crabs were $4 a pound at all the venues at Bodega Bay. Go for it!