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Nov 16, 2006 09:22 PM

Favorite Places to Eat in Oakland's Chinatown

So many places to eat- help me narrow it down! I often go to lunch in Oakland's Chinatown and want to mix it up. What are your favorite places? I'm looking for anything... dim sum, pho, bakeries, etc.

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  1. Try Best Taste 814 Franklin St in the Pacific Renaissance Plaza. It's a greasy spoon, but a fabulous one, especially the zhuk (rice porridge). We're usually the only non-Chinese in there when we go, which I try to do whenever I visit Oakland. Very cheap too.

    1. Ruby King bakery in Oakland for egg custard tarts

      Legendary Palace for dim sum

      Use the search box on the top of the page (below all the tabs) and type in Oakland Chinatown, you'll find tons of posts.