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Nov 16, 2006 09:20 PM

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in London

I'm looking for great restaurants in London that are kid-friendly but not necessarily kid-focused. I'd like to buy a gift certificate from a London restaurant for my sister who is going there in Feb. with her husband and 6 yr. old who happens to have pretty sophisticated food tastes (they're from San Francisco and take him out a lot.) They're staying near Covent Garden but I'm sure will travel if there's a spot that's highly recommended and they can easily get there by public transportation. Thanks.

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  1. I might recommend the Giraffe chain. They are a chain, but they're good with young people. Google them. Multiple locations in London.

    1. My cousin's son enjoyed eating at Belgo Centraal. There are a few locations - one near Covent Garden. He's about 11 and a sophisticated eater who ordered the moules. I think he liked that the waiters were dressed as monks. There's a fairly large menu and it's a good lunch spot.

      1. Everybody likes Wagamama Noodle Bar. There are multiple locations in London, including one near Covent Garden.